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Dole's financial constituency was distinctive only in the relatively low levels of purposive motives compared to other candidates' donors. Individuals who gave to other "conservative" GOP candidates (Senator Phil Gramm of Texas and millionaire Steve Forbes) were distinctive only in their low levels of solidary motives. Gramm was by far the most prominent of these candidates, and perhaps meeting him was not a top priority for donors. Once candidates have assessed their resources and targeted their base in the contributor pool, they solicit contributions using appropriate methods.

There were also some factional divisions within each party. 12 The Issue Positions of Congressional Donors in 1996 (in percentages) Republicans Democrats Incumbent Non- Incumbent Incumbent Non- Incumbent conservative incumbent moderates moderates incumbent liberal 76 63 60 21 17 13 Pro cutting taxes Agree 45 46 14 11 20 69 75 77 Agree 14 14 22 61 66 68 Disagree 75 74 61 23 21 19 Agree 18 23 31 62 68 66 Disagree 64 65 50 21 15 15 Agree 66 69 76 51 46 55 Disagree 19 15 12 31 34 27 Agree 35 36 31 10 10 6 Disagree 47 50 55 86 84 89 Agree 27 33 37 80 79 82 Disagree 51 46 43 13 10 11 Disagree Pro national health insurance Pro environmental protection Support free trade Restrict abortion Gays teach in public school (table continued on next page) Â < previous page < previous page next page > next page > page_148 page_149 Page 149 (table continued from previous page) Republicans Democrats Incumbent Non- Incumbent Incumbent Non- Incumbent conservative incumbent moderates moderates incumbent liberal Agree 48 45 35 14 16 13 Disagree 27 28 41 74 73 78 Agree 11 16 17 50 53 50 Disagree 81 73 70 37 31 31 Too far in helping minorities Cut defense spending Source: Survey by authors.

AColumnsmay 44 not add up to 100 percent due to rounding. 45 Â < previous page < previous page next page > next page > page_146 page_147 Page 147 These patterns were less consistent than for the presidential contributors, however, with a larger amount of cross-party and cross-ideology contributing. For example, almost 10 percent of donors to conservative Republican incumbents were Democrats, as were 15 percent of those who give to moderate GOP incumbents. Fully 16 percent of those who gave to moderate incumbent Democrats were themselves Republicans, as were 13 percent of those who gave to liberal incumbents.

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