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Increasing CREATIVITY - through Ben Klassen, 1985 Creativity is an concept whose time has come, and in its dynamic publication - that is a set of Ben Klassen's editorials from the 1st 12 problems with Racial Loyalty newspaper. subject matters coated contain Atheism, Christianity, White Racial Teamwork, the lessons of Adolf Hitler, classes from Egypt, our sleek Racial hindrance, and masses extra! a useful choice of insightful articles.

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Read Ch. ) 4. As a further weapon to counteract and destroy the White Race, Mohammedanism emerged out of this same small pesthole of the desert (Palestine) in the seventh century. It did for the Arabs, Semites and other mud peoples, what Judaism had done for the Jews. It polarized and solidified these mud peoples into a solid battering ram that became a major threat to the White peoples of Europe and the world.

Finally he is finished and he reports his diagnosis. "You are a very sick man, Mr. Jones. You have terminal cancer. " The doctor walks off and says: "Solution? I hadn't thought of that. " What would you think of a doctor like that? If you were the patient, would you say that he has really helped you, or has he merely added to your worries and nervous strain? " This little story pretty well describes the kind of "information" the White Race has been getting from the tens of thousands of professional "experts" who advise the average White yokel as to what is wrong with our economy, our society, our country and the world situation in general.

The Jews have turned one of the White Man's finest characteristics into a weapon against himself, a weapon for his own destruction. They have turned the White Race into a leaderless mob of sheep, without unity, without direction, without goals, without a racial identity. Instead of practicing teamwork, we have been tricked into fighting each other, destroying each other, all in the name of "Individualism". Not that most White people today men or women can be classified as rugged individualists far from it.

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