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By W Wesley Peterson

Error-Correcting Codes, by means of Professor Peterson, used to be initially released in 1961. Now, with E. J. Weldon, Jr., as his coauthor, Professor Peterson has broadly rewritten his fabric. The ebook includes primarily all the fabric of the 1st version; despite the fact that, the authors kingdom that simply because there has been lots new paintings released in error-correcting codes, the practise of this moment variation proved to be a far better job than writing the unique booklet. The significant additions are the chapters on majority-logic codes, synchronization, and convolutional codes. a lot new fabric has additionally been further to the chapters on very important linear block codes and cyclic codes. The authors cite a few extremely popular books on contemporary paintings performed in japanese Europe and an intensive bibliography on coding thought within the Soviet Union [sic]. In its much-expanded shape, Error-Correcting Codes will be thought of one other precious contribution to laptop coding.

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