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Again we can see this from the opposite point of view, the many containing the individual and the individual submerging into the many. Because both have power and both have no power, there­ fore there is never a time when they do not interpenetrate each other; because when one has power the other does not, without mutual interference, therefore they always interpenetrate. Moreover, because in each individual condition the facts of having power and not having power are nondual-being but two facets of the same relativity-therefore they always interpenetrate and yet remain external to each other at the same time.

Third, the sub­ stance is the eight subtleties. Fourth, the characteristics are blue, yellow, red, and white. Fifth, the function is being that which induces the eye consciousness. Sixth, the cause is the seeds of color and form in the reposit(')ry consciousness. The data field of sound has for its characteristics loud and soft sounds and long and short. The data field of odor has fragrance and foulness and so forth as characteristics. The data field of flavor has sour, salt, sweet, pungent, and bitter for characteristics.

As for the six consciousnesses in between: first, the name is, say, the words "eye consciousness" articulated by the mouth; sec­ ond, the phenomenon is that which nominal representation cannot reach but which is subtly apprehended, not nil; third, the substance Cessation and Contemplation 49 is the matrix of the issue of thusness;8 fourth, their characteristic is the form of pure spheres; fifth, the function is apprehending objects and perceiving; sixth, the cause is the seeds of, say, eye conscious­ ness within the repository consciousness.

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