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By P. F. Strawson

P. F. Strawson right here offers a range of his shorter writings from the Seventies to the Nineteen Nineties within the parts of philosophy to which he has contributed such a lot significantly: philosophy of language and Kantian reviews. the sort of essays is released the following for the 1st time, and one for the 1st time in English; a number of others were tricky to discover. a brand new advent bargains an summary of the essays, their subject matters, and their interrelations. This publication represents one of the most attention-grabbing paintings of 1 of the key philosophers of the past due 20th century.

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We can say 'Socrates is wise', but not, or not equivalently, 'Socrates is wisdom'. 4 This conclusion is what I want to question. I should emphasize that, in questioning it, I am not questioning something else that Wiggins says, which seems to me perfectly true. 5 This is surely correct in that the abstract nouns which name properties are linguistically derivative from the corresponding adjectives, common nouns, or verbs. e. 6 However, neither this point about the linguistic derivativeness of the property-name nor the associated earlier point that the property-name is grammatically debarred from playing exactly the same role as the associated general term seems to me to warrant the denial of the identity of concept (as understood by Wiggins) and property.

85 expression does not, as a whole, stand for, or refer to, anything, though it contains a part (the general term) which does. 2 ) All this, as I say, seems to me highly plausible, indeed correct. But I have one reservation. Wiggins is willing to identify concepts (what general terms stand for or refer to) with 'forms or characters or traits or universals';3 but he is unwilling to identify them with properties. His stated reason for this unwillingness is that whereas a general term (say, 'man') can combine with the copula to yield a properly predicative expression which can in turn combine with a name to yield a sentence, the corresponding property-name (say, 'manhood') cannot combine in exactly the same way with a copulative expression to yield an equivalent properly predicative expression which can in turn combine with a name to form a sentence.

103 phrase as 'mentally ascribes to'; so that we have, for example, for (1′), Philip mentally ascribes to f the property Gand for (2′) There is something which uniquely-F and to which Philip mentally ascribes the property G. g. ) No less familiar than this suggestion are certain difficulties which have been found in it; and scarcely less familiar than these difficulties are the technical devices which have been proposed to overcome them. Nevertheless it is relevant to my purpose to rehearse these difficulties once again.

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