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Ah! here was indeed a most plication. Love was and unknown emotion hate Prince a I com- most mysterious to her. She might and "then we Rathunor would both wish dire had died," and she half The Midnight of Full Moon. the 41 laughed to herself at the domestic comedy thus presented to her mind. At this period, either as a reaction from the light thrown, or lighter thought upon her overwrought nature, or possibly from some subtle, potent influence emanating from the censer burning near her, Sarthia lapsed into sudden and most profound unconsciousness.

This To my clairvoyant vision, as I now at moment look at you, every minute atom of your physical organism subtle unity You of process in is the from depolarization toward chaos and disintegration. are not yourself conscious of this condition only as it you, for your soul has been revealed to is so alive that become almost unconscious of its it has physical expression and for this very reason the shock of dissolution would be greater when it all the did come; for example, witness your unexpected collapse yester- day morning.

New had now entered her But, a A force, being. dom, itself, factor more subtle than all Wis- more potent than life or eternity had transfused her soul Love! Love, the first, the highest, the all-em- bracing force of the mighty Universe, and with this new love had been ushered also into being, Jealousy. " Rathunor loved Nu-nah! Was strange interloper? " For, it seemed to her now, that without love would be more than agonies of the lowest to live with he all hells. Rathunor as Then life the- again, his wife, while the time thought her to be Nu-nah, Tke Midnight of the Full Moon.

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