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By Stanley E. Porter

How does a Christian render unto Caesar what's Caesar's, and unto God what's God's? This booklet is the results of the Bingham Colloquium of 2007 that introduced students from throughout North the United States to check the hot Testament's reaction to the empires of God and Caesar. chapters lay the basis for that reaction within the outdated Testament's inspiration of empire, and 6 others handle the reaction to the concept of empire, either human and divine, within the a number of authors of the hot testomony. a last bankruptcy investigates how the church fathers appeared the problem. The essays show a number of equipment and positions; jointly, besides the fact that, they give a consultant pattern of the present country of research of the suggestion of empire within the New testomony.

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24 5. O n e indication o f t h e greatness o f a national g o d and, likewise, o f the king that h e 2 5 s p o n s o r s in e m p i r e - c r e a t i o n is the extent o f the empire in 26 size a n d w e a l t h . A n o t h e r is the speed with which t h e e m p e r o r c o n q u e r s other territories. 27 6. A n o t h e r indication o f the greatness o f a g o d a n d his e m p e r o r is the duration o f the empire—including b o t h the ability o f kings to pass on their empires t o their heirs (with t h e help o f the sponsoring god) and their ability (and their heirs' a b i l i t y ) 28 t o protect it from rebellion by subjugated peoples o r takeover by o t h e r empires, b e c a u s e , in spite o f slaughter among them.

Pagan i m p e r i a l i s m m a y serve G o d s purposes by teaching a lesson to disobedient nations, but G o d allows n o nation s empire to endure for long, since it is the k i n g d o m o f his o w n people that h e ultimately will shepherd into eternal triumph. M e a n w h i l e , an empire m a y t h i n k itself t o have achieved greatness, even t h o u g h its achieve­ m e n t s are n o t h i n g m o r e t h a n the o u t c o m e o f divine manipulation. F o r example, Jer 2 8 : 1 4 : 47.

Kazallu was the capital of a small, independent Amorite empire ruled by dy­ nasty in the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries BCE. When Sargon conquered it, it was probably, likewise, the center of some sort of modest empire. 14. Although it might appear from the heavy use of brackets and italics that Speiser has taken liberties in his restoration of the text, in fact he was working with two neoAssyrian copies and one neo-Babylonian fragment, from the collation of which (and from the internal repetitions) he could make confident reconstructions, as King had also earlier done for the same document (King, Chronicles, 87-96).

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