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By N. Demertzis

Caused through the 'affective flip' in the complete spectrum of the social sciences, this books brings jointly the dual disciplines of political psychology and the political sociology of feelings to discover the advanced courting among politics and emotion at either the mass and person point with distinctive specialise in circumstances of political stress.

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That brings us to the preconscious appraisal system we have labelled as the ‘disposition system’. The disposition system is a fast system. It integrates the three ongoing streams, somatosensory (so it knows in detail our bodies, including the locations of all our parts, skeletal and muscular, and our energy sources), our memories of the apt actions that master familiar task execution in familiar circumstances, and it has swift and fulsome detail about the immediate world (that is, sensory streams).

The system uses affect as the means by which the success or failure of ongoing action is reported to the brain (and Affective Intelligence and Liberal Politics 27 when sufficiently persistent and robust is also reported to conscious awareness). 9 When actions founder, either because we are more tired than normal or because the task environment is more demanding than normal, declining enthusiasm will mark that change (leading either to greater effort or abandonment). In conditions of punishment, as when we confront a familiar foe, individual or group, or antagonistic slogan, again the system marks the success of failure of the ongoing action, using the affective dimension we have labelled ‘aversion’.

An enemy that can throw platoons into the fight will likely anticipate casualties in modest numbers. An enemy that has the capacity to commit divisions will anticipate far greater casualties. A ‘fact’ is clearly empirical and hence reliably determined by objective observations that then become ‘data’, but meaning obtains only when facts are given meaning by implicit Affective Intelligence and Liberal Politics 37 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. or explicit conceptual structures. And, different conceptual structures can attend to the same datum.

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