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By G. Jack Lipovski

The "M?·CORE" relations of microprocessors is the newest 32-bit built-in circuit from Motorola designed to be a multi-purpose "micro-controller." The processor structure has been designed for prime functionality and cost-sensitive embedded keep watch over functions with specific emphasis on lowered strength intake. this can be the 1st ebook at the programming of the recent language guideline set utilizing the M?·CORE chip. Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing for M?·CORE platforms is the 3rd of a trio of books via G. Jack Lipovski from the college of Texas. the 1st books are on meeting language programming for the recent Motorola 6812 16-bit microcontroller, and have been written to be textbooks references. This e-book used to be written on the request of the Motorola layout staff for the pro clients of its new and extremely winning M?·CORE chip microcontrollers. Written with the total cooperation and enter of the M?·CORE layout engineers at their headquarters in Austin, Texas, this booklet covers all features of the programming software program and of the M?·CORE chip. * First introductory point publication at the Motorola MoCORE * Teaches engineers how a working laptop or computer executes directions * exhibits how a high-level programming language converts to assembler language * Teaches the reader how a microcontroller is interfaced to the surface global * 1000's of examples are used through the textual content * Over two hundred homework difficulties provide the reader in-depth perform * A CD-ROM with HIWARE's C++ compiler is integrated with the ebook * a whole precis bankruptcy on different to be had microcontrollers

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Bmaski r l , 5 16. What are the hexadecimal values of registers r2 and r l after the DIVU r2 , r l instruction if they contain these values: a. r2 = 0x40000000, r l = 0x8000 b. r2 = 0x4000, r l = 0x80000000 17. Repeat problem 16 with d i v s instruction and a. r2 = 0x40000000, r l = 0x8000 b. r2 = 0x80000000, r l = 0x4000 18. What are the values of registers r2 and r l after the mult instruction if they contain these values: a. r2 = 0x80, r l = 0x80 b. r2 = Ox8C, r l = 0x45 19. Write a shortest assembly-language program that adds five 8-bit unsigned numbers stored in consecutive locations, the first of which is at location 0x800, and put the 8-bit sum in 0x814.

A statement may be replaced by a sequence of statements within a pair of curly brackets " { " and " } " . This will be useful in conditional and loop statements to be discussed. Operators used in statements include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and a number of very useful operators that convert efficiently to assembly-language instructions or program segments. 1 shows the conventional C operators that we will use in this book. Although not all of them are necessary, we use many parentheses so we will not have to learn the precedence rules of C grammar.

They are intended to hold a subroutine's local variables. The instruction Idq r 4 - r 7 , ( r l l ) will load the 32-bit contents of general purpose registers r 4 to r 7 from consecutive locations in memory, in increasing significance from ascending memory locations, beginning at the address given in general purpose register r l l . Any register, except r 4 , r 5 , r 6 , o r r 7 , may be chosen in place of r l l , but the data from register r 4 to rV, inclusive, will be moved. The instruction stq r 4 - r 7 , ( r l l ) Stores the words in general purpose registers r 4 to r 7 into consecutive locations in memory, performing the inverse of the I d q instruction.

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