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By Kenneth L. Kaiser

In chapters culled from the preferred and seriously acclaimed Electromagnetic Compatibility instruction manual, Electrostatic Discharge presents a tightly centred, handy, and reasonable reference for these essentially during this subset of themes. writer Kenneth L. Kaiser demystifies electrostatic discharge and explains the resource and obstacles of the approximations, directions, types, and rules-of-thumb utilized in this box. the fabric is gifted in a different question-and-answer structure that will get directly to the center of every subject. The booklet comprises a number of examples and makes use of Mathcad to generate the entire figures and plenty of strategies to equations. in lots of situations, the complete Mathcad software is supplied.

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26 Zx R Dx L + − Protection network containing both a regular and zener diode. 25. 26. A zener diode is a diode that is designed to work in a predictable manner when it is reverse biased. The zener diode will turn on when the negative voltage across it is greater in magnitude than its reverse-biased breakdown voltage. The breakdown voltage of the zener is selected to be less than the breakdown voltage of the switch (minus the voltage drop of the regular diode and supply voltage) but as large as possible so that the energy of the load is quickly dissipated: beyond the breakdown knee of the zener’s curve, the power dissipated by the zener is approximately the product of the current through it multiplied by its breakdown voltage.

Silver is used, when gold plated or flashed, for low-power switches or switches that are used infrequently. Gold may also be used to reduce the corrosion, however, gold cannot handle large currents because of its low melting point. Gold, because it is soft, provides for a solid contact area when the contacts are closed. Switching contacts can be rubbed to wear off the oxide. One simple method of rubbing off or cleaning the oxide buildup on copper ac power plugs is to pull out and then reinsert the plug.

Generally, for large gaps (greater than about 100 µm) in standard conditions, the electric field must exceed about 3 MV/m, while for small gaps (less than about 100 µm), the voltage must exceed about 320 V. 12 MV/m. 12 MV/m at 100 µm. For nonuniform fields, the requirements are different, but this low voltage is still not sufficient to produce sparking, corona, arcing, or breakdown. For very small gaps, field emission can take place if the electric field is very large (around 50 MV/m for realistic contaminated surfaces).

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