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, Pages i,iii

, Page iv

, Page vii, Owen Bishop
Practical Circuits and Systems

, Page ix
Part 1 Circuits

, Pages 1-3, Owen Bishop
Topic 1 - Diodes

, Pages 5-10, Owen Bishop
Topic 2 - Transistor Switches

, Pages 11-23, Owen Bishop
Topic three - capability Dividers

, Pages 25-29, Owen Bishop
Topic four - Capacitors

, Pages 31-40, Owen Bishop
Topic five - utilizing Capacitors

, Pages 41-49, Owen Bishop
Topic 6 - Fields

, Pages 51-54, Owen Bishop
Topic 7 - Inductors

, Pages 55-61, Owen Bishop
Topic eight - MOSFET Amplifiers

, Pages 63-70, Owen Bishop
Topic nine - BJT Amplifiers

, Pages 71-82, Owen Bishop
Topic 10 - JFET Amplifiers

, Pages 83-86, Owen Bishop
Topic eleven - Operational Amplifiers

, Pages 87-96, Owen Bishop
Topic 12 - functions of Op Amps

, Pages 97-109, Owen Bishop
Topic thirteen - energetic Filters

, Pages 111-117, Owen Bishop
Topic 14 - Oscillators

, Pages 119-121, Owen Bishop
Topic 15 - energy Amplifiers

, Pages 123-129, Owen Bishop
Topic sixteen - Thyristors and Triacs

, Pages 131-140, Owen Bishop
Topic 17 - energy Supplies

, Pages 141-148, Owen Bishop
Topic 18 - Logical Circuits

, Pages 149-156, Owen Bishop
Topic 19 - Logical Operations

, Pages 157-165, Owen Bishop
Topic 20 - Logical Combinations

, Pages 167-176, Owen Bishop
Topic 21 - Logical Sequences

, Pages 177-184, Owen Bishop
Topic 22 - Counters and Registers

, Pages 185-196, Owen Bishop
Topic 23 - exhibit Devices

, Pages 197-202, Owen Bishop
Topic 24 - Converter Circuits

, Pages 203-210, Owen Bishop
Topic 25 - built-in Circuits

, Pages 211-214, Owen Bishop
Topic 26 - Audio and Video Systems

, Pages 217-225, Owen Bishop
Topic 27 - Noise

, Pages 227-231, Owen Bishop
Topic 28 - Telecommunications

, Pages 233-246, Owen Bishop
Topic 29 - Cable Transmission

, Pages 247-252, Owen Bishop
Topic 30 - Optical Transmission

, Pages 253-256, Owen Bishop
Topic 31 - Radio Transmission

, Pages 257-268, Owen Bishop
Topic 32 - Instrumentation Systems

, Pages 269-275, Owen Bishop
Topic 33 - digital regulate Systems

, Pages 277-281, Owen Bishop
Topic 34 - technique regulate Systems

, Pages 283-287, Owen Bishop
Topic 35 - platforms with Faults

, Pages 289-294, Owen Bishop
Topic 36 - enter and Output

, Pages 297-301, Owen Bishop
Topic 37 - Processing

, Pages 303-312, Owen Bishop
Topic 38 - Programming

, Pages 313-327, Owen Bishop
Topic 39 - Programming Languages

, Pages 329-340, Owen Bishop
Topic forty - robot Systems

, Pages 341-345, Owen Bishop
Topic forty-one - Neural Networks

, Pages 347-351, Owen Bishop
A. priceless Information

, Pages 353-359
B. solutions to Self-Test Questions

, Page 361

, Pages 363-370

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The advantages of the CMOS versions is that they use far less current, produce longer timing periods, cause less disturbance on the power lines when their output changes state, and operate on a wider range of supply voltages (3 V to 18 V). depends on the time taken to charge the capacitor to two-thirds of the supply voltage. The control pin is sometimes used to adjust the exact length of the period. If this facility is not required, the control pin is connected to the 0 V line through a low-value capacitor (for example 10 nF).

01 VC) than electrolytics. Their main advantage is that they are smaller than electrolytics of the same capacity. Variable capacitors: Small trimmer capacitors are used for making fine adjustments to tuning circuits. 4 has two sets of metal plates. One set is fixed and the other set is rotated by a screwdriver. Plastic film between the plates acts as dielectric. As the rotating set is turned, the area of overlap between this set and the fixed set is varied. This varies the capacitance. Larger variable capacitors with air as the dielectric are sometimes used in tuning radio receivers.

Connect a digital testmeter across the terminals of the cell to measure its emf of the cell with no load attached (the current flowing to a digital meter is virtually zero). Then measure the pd of the cell when a low-value resistor is connected across it. 5 W resistor can be used. Warning! it will become very hot! Take the reading quickly and then disconnect. Calculate the internal resistance using the equation opposite. QUESTIONS ON POTENTIAL DIVIDERS 1 A load of 300 Ω is connected in parallel with the lower resistor (R2) of a potential divider.

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