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The writer indicates how, of the 4 forces of actual nature, it's the electromagnetic strength that turns on all the nature round us in addition to bodies and brains. This strength has been drawn upon all through our complete evolution and performs an quintessential function in nearly all of recent know-how. This publication conveys the sweetness of the way this one strength can accomplish that a lot through describing how deeply embedded and in detail associated we're to earthly nature. hence providing a refreshingly wealthy and encompassing viewpoint of our global through delivering us with a deeper measurement in our reflections approximately our function as a part of a cohesive complete. utilizing lucid, comprehensible phrases, the electromagnetic workings of a few of the middle units of contemporary expertise, reminiscent of the transistor and radar are defined, in addition to the capability function that electromagnetism can play in our becoming dependence on know-how for our destiny evolution. Discussions at the numerous aspects of electromagnetism are enriched by way of pertaining to a couple of enticing vignettes approximately it truly is discoverers in addition to anecdotes drawn from the author's personal adventure.

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These equations representing the first unification of physical forces were the beginning of an ongoing effort by physicists to seek further unification. It is well known that Einstein tried unsuccessfully to do this with electromagnetism and gravity for a major part of his life. However, in 1967 Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam independently proposed the electroweak theory unifying the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces. Since their work was based on a concept suggested by Sheldon Glashow, all three later shared the Nobel Prize in physics in 1979.

According to the theory, the electrons in the atom, which electrically balance the protons in the nucleus of the atom, are arranged in concentric “shells” of electrons. Each successive shell contains more electrons than the previous one. In the case of the sodium atom, it has a completed shell of electrons plus one in the next shell. On the other hand the chlorine atom has a completed shell minus one electron. Consequently, there is a significant tendency for the sodium atom with its outer electron to be electrically attracted to the chlorine and fill the vacancy in its outer shell and form a salt molecule.

This direct relation between the intensity and energy of the light and the one hand and the number and energy of the electrons on the other, led to Einstein’s theory of the photoelectric effect. The theory showed that light came in the form of discrete packets of energy called photons. According to the theory, the energy of the photon is directly proportional to the frequency of the light. More precisely, the energy of a photon is equal 35 Electromagnetism: Nature’s Force That Shapes Our Lives to its frequency times what is known as Planck’s constant.

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