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0.1 creation the current quantity is set the physics of electromagnetic scattering, now not arithmetic, and is meant as a reference booklet for engineering and physics scholars in addition to researchers in electromagnetic scattering. even supposing the topic is on electromagnetic scattering, acoustic or scalar scattering could be mentioned sometimes whilst it really is deemed precious and beneficial. within the present decade we're witnessing an emergence of inverse scattering idea. sooner than we embark in this fascinating trip, maybe this is often a suitable time to summarize and examine in a single quantity the various vital re­ sults of electromagnetic scattering that have been present in fresh many years. because the finish of WW II major actual phenomena in electromag­ netic scattering, optimum polarization and external resonant frequencies, were found and a strong mathematical procedure, known as the vital equation technique, has been included. those actual amounts, which signify the scattered box for a given scatterer, are usually not without delay observ­ capable yet can purely be extracted through mathematical skill from the measured scattering information. they're given targeted attention.

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The Franz Representation for an Interior Problem in R3 v x r(r I r') = (V' x i\r' I r) )t. 74) Thus, V x r(r I r') is symmetric also. 4 The Franz Representation for an Interior Problem in R3 Let Di be a free space medium enclosed by a smooth surface A. In this homogeneous interior region Di, a current source of density J is distributed in a volume Vc Di. At a point r'E Di, Maxwell's equations are V' x E(r') = ikZoH(r'), } V' x H(r') = -ikYoE(r') + J(r'). 75) Whence we obtain the inhomogeneous differential equation for the electric field E(r') as V' X V' x E(r') - k 2 E(r') = ikZoJ(r').

As noted by H. Honi, et al. 4] and independently by C. 127) respectively by applying the curl operation on them. 127) yields V' x ES(r) JidA' JidA' ikZo V' x + V' x V' x g(kR) [il' x H(r')] g(kR) [il' x E(r')]. But V' x ES(r) = ikZoHS(r). 100). 128) we obtain V' x HS(r) JidA' JidA' -ikYo V' x + V' x V' x g(kR) [il' x E(r')] g(kR) [il' x H(r')]. 99). While this relationship between the Franz and Stratton-Chu representations is interesting (d. C. 11]), there is no deep significance to attach to it since both representations are constructed on the basis of ad hoc forms of Huygens' vector and tensor.

Hilbert, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Vol II, Interscience Publishers, New York, NY, 1965. See pp. 204-206, and 760-766 for nonexistence of Huygens' principle in 2-dimensional space. 1. 2 W. Franz, Zur Formulierung des Huygensschen Prinzips, Zeitschrijt fur Naturforschung, Band 3a, 1948; pp. 500-506. 1. 3 A. Fung, R. Moore and F. Ulaby, Microwave Remote Sensing, Vol. , 1981. 1. 4 H. Honi, A. W. Maue and K. Westpfahl, Theorie der Beugung in Handbuch der Physik Vol. 25/1, Krystaloptik, pp. 218-573, Springer-Verlag, 1961.

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