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By Nader Engheta, Richard W Ziolkowski

Major specialists discover the unique homes and interesting purposes of electromagnetic metamaterialsMetamaterials: Physics and Engineering Explorations offers readers a essentially written, richly illustrated advent to the newest study advancements within the quarter of electromagnetic metamaterials. It explores the basic physics, the designs, and the engineering features, and issues to a myriad of fascinating power purposes. The editors, said leaders within the box of metamaterials, have invited a gaggle of best researchers to offer either their very own findings and the entire array of cutting-edge functions for antennas, waveguides, units, and components.Following a quick review of the historical past of synthetic fabrics, the booklet divides its insurance into significant periods of metamaterials. the 1st half the e-book examines powerful media with unmarried (SNG) and double destructive (DNG) houses; the second one part examines electromagnetic band hole (EBG) constructions. The publication extra divides every one of those sessions into their 3-dimensional (3D volumetric) and two-dimensional (2D planar or floor) realizations. Examples of every kind of metamaterial are provided, and their identified and expected houses are reviewed.Collectively, Metamaterials: Physics and Engineering Explorations offers a assessment of contemporary learn advances linked to a hugely varied set of electromagnetic metamaterials. Its multifaceted process deals readers a mixture of theoretical, numerical, and experimental views for a greater knowing in their behaviors and their potentialapplications in elements, units, and platforms. wide reference lists offer possibilities to discover person issues and periods of metamaterials in better depth.With full-color illustrations all through to explain ideas and support visualize real effects, this publication presents a dynamic, common source for college students, engineers, physicists, and different researchers within the components of electromagnetic fabrics, microwaves, millimeter waves, and optics. It equips beginners with a simple knowing of metamaterials and their capability purposes. complex researchers will make the most of thought-provoking views that might deepen their wisdom and make them new parts of research.

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Z. Parton et al. 10 integrated. ::lS. 33) where the last equation determines temperature changes due to strains and electric displacement. 32). 34) with stresses aii• electrical displacements D; and entropy Sas dependent variables. 36) ( ~~e) E,T deij + ( ;~e) m IJ dEm + ( E,T so that and ( aa-· ) aE: •. 37) ( aom) --aT" E,E _ ( as ) aEm •. lEk '· T oT ,,E dS = ( ::. lDm) aEK •. 43) E,E are the temperature stress coefficients. Z. Parton et al. 12 where pis the mass density. 37). 48) 0 where s~icT are the isothermal elastic compliances, drii are the piezoelectric moduli, Eij' T the dielectric permittivities, P; the pyroelectric coefficients, cu,E the specific heat at constant stress and electric field, and the coefficients of thermal expansion.

We neglect heat exchange and take Eii and Di as independent variables. + (cf. 29)) we introduce the following notation: c~kI - ordinary elastic constants, = - piezoelectric constants, - dielectric impermittivities, {3~k = - nonlinear elastic constants (six-rank tensor), cPUoD ) - non1mear . l . Z. Parton et al. 16 I ( {3~ki = 2 ()3U CID m aD k CID-I ) 0 - electrooptical coefficients (third-rank tensor). In this notation, eqs. 4) showing that the effect of second-order terms is to change the elastic and piezoelectric constants, and dielectric impermittivities of a piezoelectric medium.

26 relations are no longer linear because of the partial polarization and irreversible domain reorientation processes. Chen and colleagues [18, 19, 20) developed a phenomenological description of the dynamic response of a piezoceramic to an external electric field. Analyzing domain reorientation processes and the dynamics of dipole moments in each domain, they were able to obtain onedimensional ferroelectric constitutive equations. The most elaborate, three-dimensional, treatment along these lines was carried out by Chen [18).

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