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By Rosalind B. Brooke

The early historians of the Franciscan order traced the reasons of the worries of the order of their time to Elias, a modern and pal of St Francis and an early Minister basic. Elias used to be blamed for commencing how you can all relaxations of self-discipline and disrespect of the founder's educating, and all conflicts and persecutions. Mrs Brooke indicates that accountability can't be put on one guy, yet on a few of the early friars. She provides a extra ancient account of Elias, displaying that he was once by no means as dominant a determine as has been intended. The early conflicts of the order are proven to were extra complicated, extra fascinating and extra possible than the fourteenth-century controversialists might let. the second one a part of the e-book describes the achievements of Elias's successors as Minister common, and the real legislation they handed. Mrs Brooke has been capable of reconstruct the early constitutions, now misplaced, in higher aspect than has formerly been tried.

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This second substitution was due to the action of Elias' supporters, who, at the Chapter held on the occasion ofthe saint's translation, attempted to secure his reappointment by force. At the time, John Parenti succeeded in calling the meeting to order by taking off his habit, but the demonstration showed that he was not popular. It also temporarily alienated sympathy from Elias, but he recovered this by visible signs of penitence. Consequently, at another Chapter, John Parenti was absolved, and Elias' return received Papal approval.

Boehmer, Introd. pp. lxv-lxvi. F. n, 54. 3 2 4 6 C. 63. C. 21. C. 43. 1 But, while he valued and practised the virtues dear to St Francis, he disliked and distrusted any tendency towards exaggeration or singularity. 5 He had, it is true, been unwilling to punish offenders himself, but the insufficiently regulated admission of postulants soon rendered strict discipline essential if the Order was to retain its good name. Jordan had the cause of his Order very much at heart, but he was not prepared to further it by any methods.

C. 9. 3 C. 7. 4 7 Cc. 9, 14, 17. C. 63. 24 I N T R O D U C T I O N : THE N A R R A T I V E SOURCES principle—because both really belonged to the same * party'—but because he was the friend of Caesar of Speyer, cruelly clubbed to death by Elias' gaoler. 1 He was, however, entirely mistaken as to the nature and intensity ofJordan's attitude. The latter's tone when he speaks of Elias betrays no personal animosity—he hints at nothing discreditable in the way he came to power, makes no allusion to his extravagant living, and, though he wrote after his death and must have known of his disgrace, is silent on that subject also.

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