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By Kulatissa Nanda Jayatilleke

This e-book relies totally on the resource fabric to be had within the Pali Canon, studied traditionally and philosophically within the mild of the modern, past and later literary proof relating to the topic. The antiquity and authenticity of the cloth is vouchsafed via the literary, linguistic, ideological, sociological, and historic facts current into Pali Canon itself. The ebook strains the foundation of the speculation of information and its improvement in early Buddhism - the Hinayana Buddhism of Pali Canon. The booklet is documented with a Preface, record of Abbreviations, an Appendix, Chronological desk of colleges, Bibliography and Index.

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174. 3 The Thirteen Principal Upanishads, pp. 250, 251, 254. 4 The Principal Upanisads, pp. 469, 470, 475. 5 Lokäyatam vuccati vitandavädasattham. 12, vitandasattham vinneyyam yam tarn lokäyatam, v. Abhidhänappadlpikä, ed. Muni Jina Vijaya, p. 18. 7 SBB, Vol. II, p. 169. 8 B. Faddegon, The Catalogue of Sciences in the Chändogya Upanisad, A O . , Vol. 4, p. 44. The Historical Background 41 have signified logic, since this science was developed many centuries later as an outcome of the technical art of philosophical discussion' (loc.

On the other hand, Rändle seems to imagine that the only forms of valid reasoning must be syllogistic and it was probably this which led him to ignore the foreshadowings of some of the theorems of the propositional calculus in the Kathävatthu (v. infra, 703-710). (46) The debate in the Indian context seems to have its historical origins in the Vedic institution of the brahmodya1 (or brahmavadya). A brief glance at the history of the brahmodya seems profitable in so far as it gives a picture of the origin and development of the debate.

4 Keith says, 'it is a feature of the Vedic sacrifice that at certain points are found Brahmodyas, discussions about the Brahman, the holy power in the universe. 5 The following is an example of such a brahmodya as related in the SB. ): 11. They hold a Brahmodya in the Sadas . . 12. Hotr—Who walketh singly? Adhvaryu—the sun. 1 v. , Vol. 32, pp. 344, 345, 435; A. Ludwig, Der Rigveda oder die Heiligen Hymnen der Brahmana, Band III, Prag, 1878, pp. ; Bloomfield, Religion of the Veda, pp. , Vol. 15, pp.

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