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He had come to New York armed with letters of intro- duction from his father to former colleagues who received Fritz warmly. The disadvantage was that his father wanted reports of all these friends and Fritz found it hard to find time to look them all up as well as meeting the demands of his own contacts in the banking world and the Rhodes Scholarship circle. Within the first few weeks of arriving in New York he managed to dine with Mrs Rockefeller, be taken by the vicepresident of the Chase National Bank, Mr Shephard Morgan, to hear Leopold Stokowski conduct Tristan and Isolde (to which Fritz commented that `Wagner would have turned in his grave') and get himself invited to the country for the weekend by President Aydelotte of the Rhodes Foundation.

Many of the invitations were from affectionate match- making mothers who adored the handsome German who charmed and amused them. Of the many girls Fritz met, two stood out: Virginia and Joan. For Joan, a fellow student, he risked his neck climbing up to her room at night. They remained in contact long after both had settled down to marriage. Virginia lived on in his memory well into middle age, until he named his second daughter after her, His eyes always lit up with a twinkle when he mentioned her name, leaving his family to imagine what they had been up to.

After the immediate effects of the crisis had passed Fritz worked his way through each department at the bank with varying degrees of interest. His one aim was to get to the managerial floor, to gain experience of the level where the decisions were taken. After he had at last spent a week there and the summer came to a close he wrote with satisfaction to his father in September: `Such a practical intermezzo is unbelievably instructive - not only in relation to one's subject ... ' It was a lesson which held one of the keys to the rest of Fritz's life.

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