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This publication offers in a concise and available means, in addition to in a typical environment, a number of instruments and techniques coming up from spectral concept, ergodic thought and stochastic tactics concept, which shape the foundation of and give a contribution interactively greatly to the present learn on almost-everywhere convergence difficulties. Researchers operating in dynamical structures and on the crossroads of spectral thought, ergodic idea and stochastic procedures will locate the instruments, equipment, and effects awarded during this booklet of serious curiosity. it's written in a method obtainable to graduate scholars.

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E. fi −−→ 0. 3 in [Weber: 1998a]): In order for f to be quasi-orthogonal, it is sufficient that sup j ≥1 k | fj , fk | < ∞. 11) Indeed, from the relation xj fj , xk fk + xk fk , xj fj = xj xk fj , fk + xk xj fk , fj , it is plain that | xj fj , xk fk | + | xk fk , xj fj | ≤ 2| fj , fk ||xj ||xk | ≤ | fj , fk | |xj |2 + |xk |2 , and so 2 xi fi i≤n = |xi |2 fi i≤n n ≤ max fi i=1 2 + xj fj , xk fk + xk fk , xj fj 1≤j

6) (see Lin–Weber [2007]). 7 Corollary. 7). Then lim n→∞ n 2 k=1 wk 2 n k=1 wk = 0. 8) Indeed let {ek , ∈ Z} be the standard orthonormal basis of 2 , with T the isometric shift defined by T ej = ej +1 . Then f = e1 satisfies PT f = 0. 7) is satisfied, the orthonormality and the previous corollary yield 1 Wn2 n wk2 k=1 1 = Wn n 2 wk ek+1 k=1 1 = Wn n 2 wk T k e1 → 0. k=1 Let us also briefly discuss the case of subsequence ergodic averages. Let wk = if wk = n for some ≥ 1, otherwise, 1 0 where 1 ≤ n1 < n2 < · · · is an increasing sequence of integers, which we denote N .

2 |θ|m |θ |2 m2 φ (u) By using the elementary inequality x ≥ x 2 ∧ 1 with x = (φ(m) − φ(n))|θ |, we obtain the requested result. 2) |θ | ≤ m1 . Then 1/n φ (1/y)Q(θ, y)dy = 1/m 1/n φ (1/y) 1/m m = |θ| |θ | dy y2 φ (u)du = |θ |(φ(m) − φ(n)). n By means of the same elementary inequality, we have |θ |(φ(m)−φ(n)) ≥ |θ |2 (φ(m)− φ(n))2 ∧ 1, and the lemma is thus completely proved. 1 that |Wm (θ) − Wn (θ )|2 ≤ 1/n 1/m 8π + 4π 2 φ (1/y) Q(θ, y)dy + 8 1[ 1 , 1 ) (|θ |). 3) m n Let now f ∈ H with spectral measure μf .

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