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By Bram Vanderborght

This ebook studies at the advancements of the bipedal jogging robotic Lucy. exact approximately it truly is that the biped isn't really actuated with the classical electric drives yet with pleated pneumatic man made muscle groups. In an opposed setup of such muscle mass either the torque and the compliance are controllable. From human jogging there's facts that joint compliance performs a huge function in strength effective jogging and operating. additionally pneumatic man made muscle mass have a excessive strength to weight ratio and will be coupled at once with out complicated gearing mechanism, which are precious in the direction of legged mechanisms. also, they've got the potential of soaking up effect shocks and shop and liberate movement strength. This booklet offers a whole description of Lucy: the undefined, the electronics and the software program. A hybrid simulation application, combining the robotic dynamics and muscle/valve thermodynamics, has been written to judge keep watch over thoughts prior to imposing them within the genuine biped.

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2 Photograph of 3 contraction levels of the 2nd generation of PPAM (used for Lucy). 44 2 Description of Lucy Fig. 3 Photograph of 3 contraction levels of the 3rd generation of PPAM. drastically the production process and reduces the muscles weight even further. Besides, the new production technique makes it relatively easy to fill the dead volume with a cylindrical tube during the production process. A disadvantage is that the PPAM expands more radial than the McKibben muscle. It is also more difficult to use a bundle of PPAMs as the McKibben muscles used in the Shadow Hand (351) or to twist the PPAM around something.

2. 000 cycles were achieved moving a payload of 130kg up and down. The first generation only attained 3000 cycles. Currently the third generation PPAM are developed, for which specifically the Kevlar fibres of the pleats are rearranged. Using toothed ABS parts and a continuous high tensile fibre, it is possible to fold the membrane at the same time that it is fixed to the end fittings which simplifies Fig. 2 Photograph of 3 contraction levels of the 2nd generation of PPAM (used for Lucy). 44 2 Description of Lucy Fig.

For manipulator robot implementation, stiff joints have always been preferred over compliant joints since they increase tracking precision. For legged robots however, tracking precision is not that stringent as overall dynamic stability. Elastic joint properties on the contrary might be used for shock absorbance and be exploited to store energy and reduce control effort. As will shown in the next section compliance plays an important role for human walking and running. 1 Biological Aspects of Walking and Running Locomotion of humans and other mammals is richly studied, but due to the complexity not yet completely understood.

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