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By Luc J. Christiaensen, Lionel Demery

This ebook contributes to the controversy in regards to the function of agriculture in poverty aid by means of addressing 3 units of questions: (1) Does making an investment in agriculture enhance/harm total economicgrowth, and if this is the case, below what stipulations? (2) Do terrible humans are inclined to take part more/less in progress in agriculture than in development in different sectors, and if this is the case, while? (3) If a spotlight on agriculturewould are inclined to yield greater participation via the bad, butslower total progress, which process might are likely to have the most important payoff by way of poverty aid, andunder which stipulations?

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The advantage of agriculture in reducing poverty is even larger when compared with (aggregate) growth in services. 14). 14. Together these results suggest that the poverty-reducing advantage of growth in agriculture relative to growth in the other sectors becomes smaller as countries become richer. Put differently, the poorer the country, the larger the comparative advantage of agricultural growth in reducing poverty. 3. With zero growth, poverty is predicted to remain unchanged, on average, implying constancy in income/ consumption inequality.

13. Only 10 percent of all farmers used the recommended amount of 150 kilograms per hectare; half the sampled households used less than 50 kilograms. 14. 13 15. Instruments for crop value added include rainfall shocks, number of plots cultivated, proportion of land irrigated, and indicator variables for fertilizer and chemical use one year ago. 16. L equals the amount of labor spent on farm (Lf ) and nonfarm (Lnf ) activities. 17. The household is assumed to be a price and wage taker—that is, prices and wages are given for the household.

On the other hand, globalization opens up new markets for nontraditional high-value products such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables. These new markets can reduce poverty through employment generation, especially in and around well-connected regions such as capitals. 3 reflect the response of total poverty to changes in the share-weighted (or aggregate) growth rates of economic sectors. Estimates of the participation effects for each sector can be obtained by multiplying the estimated coefficients by the sectoral shares.

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