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I'm telling you, something is going on here. " "You're just having a dream," her husband mumbled. "You're wrong. I am telling you now that you're wrong. I know I've had dreams before, but this one is somehow part of me. I can't explain it, but I know this is different. " "Dorothy," her husband mumbled, "it's only six in the morning. People will think you're crazy. " Dorothy sat on the edge of the bed. "This is what I saw. " She wrapped herself in a blanket, took a deep breath, and recounted her dream.

2. " Mrs. Costa asked Dorothy as the girl's eyes bounced from pastry to pastry displayed in the glass case. "She's okay," Dorothy replied, not letting her attention be diverted from the promise of a fresh pastry. Mrs. Costa, a large Italian woman with silver-black hair wrapped firmly around her head, counted out rolls and placed them one by one into a white paper bag. She moved slowly under the oppressive heat of the July day. Not only was there little respite from the sun, but the baking ovens generated intense heat, and she had to blot her forehead and chin with a red cloth all day.

And by now she had realized that God came first in her mother's eyes; all her visionary powers were devoted to Him. During all the changes in Dorothy's life, she continued to have visions of her own. The fear and loneliness of her first vision had left her apprehensive and confused. Still too young to comprehend what had occurred, she took solace in the fact that Appolonia, too, saw things that others never saw. At eighteen Dorothy had not yet learned that she could control what she was seeing.

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