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By Wayne Fife (auth.)

Making use of his personal examine studies in Papua New Guinea, Southern Ontario, and Newfoundland, Wayne Fife teaches scholars and new researchers tips on how to organize for examine, behavior a learn, research the fabric (e.g. create new social and cultural theory), and write educational or coverage orientated books, articles, or stories. The reader is taught the best way to mix ancient and modern files (e.g. information, newspapers, executive reviews) with fieldwork equipment (e.g. participant-observation, interviews, and self-reporting) to create ethnographic reviews of deprived populations. Anthropologists, Sociologists, Folklorists and academic researchers will both take advantage of this serious method of research.

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In 1964 the first elections were held for the legislature. No real “national” issues emerged as key topics of debate among the inexperienced electorate, but what did become clear was that large numbers of both urban and rural peoples wanted representatives who would be able to persuade “the government” to provide their areas with “development” in the form of roadways, medical aid posts, schools (both primary and secondary), air strips, and above all employment in the cash economy (Griffin, Nelson, and Firth 1979: 133).

Even an aggressive nationalization program designed to replace expatriate with their Papua New Guinea counterparts failed to accommodate all of the newly schooled manpower. In the private sector, plantations and mines continued to employ unschooled younger men from their villages on shortterm contracts” (Pomponio and Lancy 1986: 42). Many employers wanted to ensure the continued existence of a largely uneducated pool of potential manual laborers and not create a large educated population that might question the contracts they were asked to sign, the wages they were offered, or the orders of their mostly expatriate bosses.

Moral) discipline, they went on to set the tone for education in Papua New Guinea. This is a tone that could have been quite different if the historical balance had tipped even slightly in other directions because of specific historical incidents such as the Bampton Island massacre. USING HISTORICAL SOURCES 31 People make history. Without some access to primary sources it becomes much more difficult to appreciate this fact and much more tempting to create very broad portraits of particular historical periods that fit neatly into contemporary concerns but ignore the complexities of the past and their effects (or potential effects) on the present.

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