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Synthesis and Characterization of Surfactants Based on Natural Products

The thesis offers with the synthesis and characterization of surfactants derivedfrom average items. Physico-chemical homes, akin to solubility andmelting issues, and surfactant homes, similar to dispersion, emulsification,wetting and foaming have been investigated. a few surfactants was once synthesized from sugars and normal hydrophobiccompounds.

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6E-lsomer, 11-deacy/, 11-octanoyl: [146471-82-1]. 706 C30H 480 6 Constit. of B. asbestinum. Oil. 08 in CHCI 3). 1°91 -lsomer, 11-deacyl, 11-(2-hydroxyoctanoyl): [14647183-2]. 705 C30H 480 7 Constit. of B. asbestinum. Oil. 2 in CHCI 3). 6E-lsomer, 11-ketone, 4-de-Ac, 4-octanoyl: [146471-84-3]. 653 C28H 440 5 Constit. of B. asbestinum. Oil. 9 in CHCI 3). flW 91 -lsomer, 4-ketone: [146471-85-4]. 545 C24H 360 5 Constit. of B. asbestinum. Oil. 0° (c, 2 in CHCI 3). flW 91 -lsomer, 4-ketone, 11-deacy/, 11-Ac: [146471-86-5].

Et al, Helv. Chim. 090 C4 H 6 0 2 Constit. of tobacco smoke. Liq. 01. Mp -39°. Bp 163°, Bp 12 69-70°. 4257. Me ester: [3724-55-8]. 117 C5H 80 2 Liq. Bp 108-109°. Et ester: [1617-18-1]. 144 C6H 100 2 Liq. Bp 119°. Chloride: [1470-91-3]. 536 C4H 5C10 Liq. Bp 95-96° (98-105°). Amide: [28446-58-4]. 105 C4 H 7NO Plates (pet. ether). Mp 72-73°. Anhydride: [1760-48-1]. 165 C8 H 100 3 Liq. Bp 35 105-110°. Anilide: [13140-15-3]. ). Mp 58°. Nitrile: [109-75-1]. 3-Butenenitrile, 9CI. Allyl cyanide. 3-Butyl-4-hydroxy-1(3H)isobenzofuranone, 9CI 3-Butyl-4-hydroxyphthal ide.

Gueneri (Ranunculaceae). 2 in MeOH). 586 C25H 39N06 Alkaloid from aerial parts of D. gueneri (Ranuncu1aceae). 1 in MeOH). 302 C,sH 180 8 Constit. of leaves of Ginkgo biloba. Cryst. (H 20). Mp > 300°. 6°. Component of commercially available Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE). Weinges, K. et a/, Justus Liebigs Ann. , 1969, 724, 214; 1972, 759, 158 (isa/, pmr) Nakanishi, K. et a/, J. Am. Chem. J. el al, J. Am. Chem. J. T. el al, J. Am. Chem. J. J. el a/, Can. J. W. W. W. , Secl. G. el al, Phylachemislry, 1982, 21, 1781 (Dihydrapentagynine) Kulanthaivel, P.

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