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This remarkable and highly-acclaimed dictionary comprises over 4000 in-depth entries on medical and technical terminology linked to environmental security and source administration. moreover, it comprises a number of illustrations, a variety of overseas case experiences and broad cross-references to steer the reader. the hot version can be a massive replace with 30% new fabric, extra illustrations and a vastly multiplied record of appropriate net assets.

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It may be implicated in excess aluminium levels in humans, although aluminium cooking vessels, food containers, etc. may be alternative routes. In addition, ACID RAIN allows aluminium to be leached from soils in water catchment areas and hence into drinking water. The EC maximum admissible concentration level for aluminium in drinking water is 200 mg/l. It is estimated that more than 2 million people in the UK drink water with aluminium levels in excess of this limit. Attention was focused on this topic when a 20 tonne load of 8 per cent solution of aluminium sulphate accidentally entered the water supply of the CAMELFORD area of North Cornwall on 6 July 1988.

007 centimetres in soft tissue, but once inside the body, either by inhalation or through a wound, they are biologically very damaging. Ņ POLONIUM Alpha radiation. A stream of fast-moving alpha particles emitted from the nuclei of radioactive elements. They are easily absorbed by matter. (Ņ RADIONUCLIDE) Alumina. Intermediary in the production of ALUMINIUM from BAUXITE which is dissolved in caustic soda with alumina as a precipitate. (Ņ HALL PROCESS) Aluminium (Al). The most abundant element on earth next to iron, it is the most commonly used metal by virtue of its excellent strength to weight ratio, lightness, electrical conductivity and ease of working.

It consists of BACTERIA and PROTOZOA which can live and multiply on the sewage. Because of this multiplication, the excess organisms require continuous removal. Part of the surplus active sludge is returned to the raw sewage (hence the term ‘activated sludge’), and part (approximately 90 per cent) is sent for disposal to land, or incineration. (Ņ SEWAGE TREATMENT) Activated sludge process. Ņ SEWAGE TREATMENT. Activation product. Material made radioactive as a result of irradiation, particularly by neutrons in a nuclear reactor.

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