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By Yasuhisa Okumoto, Yu Takeda, Masaki Mano, Tetsuo Okada

In this booklet, the 4 authors convey us the condensed event tips to layout send hull constructions from a pragmatic standpoint. In 3 elements, the e-book offers the basics, the idea and the appliance of structural layout of hulls. the themes are handled comprehensively with an emphasis on easy methods to in attaining trustworthy and effective send buildings. The authors have particularly brought their stories with the swift bring up of send sizes in addition to the advent of send forms with a excessive measure of specialization. The linked early disasters of those "new" constructions were analyzed to supply the readers with illustrations why structural layout has to be performed on numerous degrees in an effort to make sure that right loading is utilized and that neighborhood structural behaviour in appropriately understood.

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24 2 Structural Design Loads Fig. 1 Transverse strength calculation loads by NK An alternative way to estimate the wave fluctuating pressure is to calculate it with the aid of the long-term prediction method which is also the case when calculating the longitudinal strength load which will be described hereafter. For practical purposes this method is accurate enough to be used in structural design. (3) Inertia force of cargo or ballast due to ship motion: The inertia force is induced by the reaction force of self weight, cargo weight or ballast weight due to the acceleration of the ship motion.

So, instead of using the Classification Societies’ Rules formulae to calculate the dynamic loads in the conventional way, the direct calculation method for practical design purpose has become more popular for its convenience and accuracy. The wave induced bending moment of IACS is determined in such a way that the magnitude of the bending moment is expected to be approximately equal to the maximum Fig. 2 Coefficient C2 : distribution factor 22 2 Structural Design Loads Fig. e. the expected probability of occurrence is: Q = 1 × 10−8 .

In the case where shearing stresses do not act – normal stress only acts – as shown in Fig. 1(a)–(c), the normal stress at each condition is called the principal stress, and the corresponding plane is the principal plane, while the corresponding stress axis is the principal axis. 2 shows a biaxial stress condition in the x–y plane, same as Fig. 1(b); σx acts in the x direction and σy acts in the y-direction. Considering a section m–n, where its normal is at ϕ degrees to the x-axis, the stress along this normal and the shearing stress along m–n line are given by the following equation, in case that only σx acts.

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