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4. Longitudinal profiles of different surfaces in the Timna Valley. Note the 10" 1 vertical exaggeration. (a) Longitudinal profiles of Nahal (Wadi) Timna, a tributary, and their older surfaces. (b) Reconstructed positions of the escarpment related to old alluvial surfaces along Nahal Timna. 0 km from the escarpment drainage divide. Further downstream there are no visible rock outcrops and the longitudinal profile is linear. (7) During the period of formation of the flight of alluvial surfaces in the Timna Valley, the bounding scarp has retreated some 2-3 km.

1968. Age and rate of the sinistral movement along the Dead Sea Rift. Nature 220, 253-255. GARFUNKEL, Z. 1970. The tectonics of the western margins of the southern Arava. PhD thesis (in Hebrew with English summary), The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 204 pp. 1978. The Negev, regional synthesis of sedimentary basins. Guidebook to excursion A2, lOth International Congress on Sedimentology, Jerusalem, 35-110. GAT, J. R. & MAGARITZ, M. 1980. Climatic variation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea area. Naturwissenschaften 67, 80-87.

FIG. 8. A typical section of fluviatile deposits in a Holocene terrace. Fluviatile deposits, southern Negev duration, possibly under a moderately arid to semi-arid climate whereas the thin beds (5-30 cm thick) of sand and grit, found in the young terraces, imply floods of low to medium intensity which would occur under an extremely arid to arid climate. Moderately sorted and stratified pebbles and cobbles in extensive units of variable thickness encountered in the low terraces suggest moderate flows of medium to long duration which are characteristic of an arid climate.

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