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Worry is the polygrapher's strongest weapon, yet you could protect your self! All it takes is a bit knowledge and a few focus and perform. Arm your self with those confirmed powerful strategies for rendering the polygrapher impotent in his efforts to intimidate and control you, and the right way to beat the field arms down!

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I believe polygraph machines are unreliable and dangerous, and I hate to see one used to make a case for or against any person. If a person is indeed guilty, then there are more effective ways to prove it than charting how much he sweats or how rapidly he breathes. That said the best way I know of to neutralize a GKT exam is to dampen your responses to all of the items (see the sections on cognitive and pharmacological countermeasures), or to selectively elevate responses throughout the test. Because most GKT test questions have five or more alternatives, get a piece of paper and write the numbers I through 5 at the top of the page.

Frame of mind and back again. i th ief th"at the machine doesn't work and cannot harm you. You can supplement this by thinking peaceful thoughts during the relevant questions that concern you and thinking stressful thoughts on one or two relevant questions that do not cause you any concern. Your goal is to get the examiner to shift the focus of the test to those areas about which you are not really worried. , skepticism) and use the peaceful \ \ be,-havjq! Qf {9nnin8 rf various oolvsraph- chartsl, the use of p6armicolofidiig6"ts, or eugs, naY be more difficult pf,arm-cological io detect.

All the adverse feelings you have toward either the machine or the examiner should be left at the front door when you leave your home in the morning. 77 78 v Dpcpp,noN DHEcTIoN v 79 7g BEFORE YOU IJAVE FOR TIIE EXAM Put yourself in the proper mind-set for the ordeal t\at lies ahead. There are several things you should do to prepar,e yourself emotionally and psychologi cally. Clothing is always important. Conlidei the following: A young man was arrested late one Friday evening for possession of mariiuana.

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