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By Gary Weber Ph.D.

The 1st part is a range of sixty Bhagavad Gita verses in a question and resolution structure selected for his or her functional program to facilitate nondual awakening. contains word-by-word Sanskrit, transliteration, and translation into English, with precis sentences and observation. themes lined contain the character of Self, loss of life, practices for and hindrances to nondual awakening, dealing w/desires, renunciation or now not, religion, steps in awakening, probability of good fortune in awakening, affecting/changing the realm, moods, being disrespected, operating successfully and completely within the daily international, unfastened will and keep watch over, quit and letting cross, and the bliss of awakening. the second one part is a "Dialogues" part which supplies dialogues in a query and resolution structure with practitioners on key parts and questions of the Bhagavad Gita because it applies to nondual awakening. This comprises sections on free-will, perform and awakening in daily life w/full-time activity and kinfolk, quit, sin and karma, cognitive neuroscience, quantum physics, preventing ideas, facing anger, self-inquiry, and stumbling blocks to and stories of nondual awakening.

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If I’m not in control, then how do I attain peace? XVIII, 62 Take refuge in the Self alone with your whole being. Through the grace of the Self, you will attain supreme peace and abide there eternally. There is much discussed in this work about the power of “letting go”, of complete surrender, as the “last step” in awakening. A point comes in virtually all folks’ awakening when the practice gets down to letting go of every attachment, every single one. 88 This does not mean you can get “there” by giving or throwing away every item, person, possession, etc.

As Dominic “goes away”, day by day, it is no longer a body belonging to someone, it is just a body moving through its dance until that dance is over. It has always been that way, as the body “does itself” perfectly. There was a mental construct that some folk agreed should be called “Dominic” that seemed like it inhabited and was limited to, and identified w/that physical form. As “Dominic” is increasingly seen as just an “idea”, just a “thought” that is used to string together other thoughts about experiences and emotions, there is just what was there before Dominic arrived, deep stillness and presence, beingness and consciousness.

Hi Andy M. I liked the paper; am familiar with quantum entanglement, Bell’s theorem, quantum nonlocality, etc. i liked the conclusion “Most particles are aggregates of particles that are ordinarily regarded as separate objects that have interacted at some time in the past with other objects. ” As background, quantum theory and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle tell us that an unobserved small object (electron or a photon/particle of light) exists only in a blurry, unpredictable state, with no well-defined location or motion until it is observed.

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