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By Adrian MacKenzie

Software program has usually been left within the margins of bills of electronic cultures and community societies. even if software program is far and wide, it truly is tough to assert what it really is. slicing Code: software program and Sociality is likely one of the first books to regard software program heavily as a full-blown cultural technique, and as a subtly robust fabric in modern verbal exchange. From deCSS to Java, from Linux to severe Programming, the booklet analyses software program works of art, working platforms, advertisement items, infrastructures and programming practices. It explores social varieties, identities, materialities and gear family linked to software program. It asks how software program provokes re-thinking of construction, intake and distribution as entwined cultural strategies. slicing Code argues that evaluation of code as a mosaic of algorithms, protocols, infrastructures, and programming conventions deals priceless insights into how modern social formations invent new varieties of personhood and new methods of appearing.

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