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The Broken Fall: A Katrina Collection

This booklet chronicles a writer's trip to discover religion, desire, and which means following the country's worst nationwide disaster-- storm Katrina. Acknowledging that everybody stories catastrophic occasions of their lifestyles, the writer eloquently unveils the seasons of restoration after the most sensational and historic matters of the last decade.

Letters of Alexander von Humboldt: Written between the Years 1827 and 1858, to Varnhagen von Ense; Together with Extracts from Varnhagen’s Diaries, and Letters from Varnhagen and Others to Humboldt

Ludmilla Assing, the niece of Varnhagen von Ense, used to be the editor of this feature of letters from Alexander von Humboldt to her uncle - to who Humboldt had entrusted the protection in their correspondence - within the interval 1827-58. First released in 1860, Letters of Alexander von Humboldt additionally comprises letters from Varnhagen and different exotic correspondents to Humboldt.

Bapu Kuti

Bapu Kuti, at Sewagram Ashram, Wardha, is the dust hut which used to be Mahatma Gandhi's final domestic. part a century after Bapu was once killed, the Kuti is alive with gatherings of people that proportion his goals. they don't name themselves 'Gandhians'. but, as they look for the suggestions to the various difficulties of contemporary India, those activists locate themselves coming to a similar conclusions as had Gandhi.

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Although differences in rooting occurred among species and among cultivars within species, no specific relationship could be recognized. Shoots can also be rooted directly in soil or a soilless mix (Harris and Stevenson 1982; Chee et al. 1984), but the vines are very vulnerable to fungal infection at this stage. Alleweldt and Radler (1962) reported that a photoperiodic pretreatment of the mother plant affected subsequent growth activity in vitro in a genotype-dependent manner. Chee and Pool (1982) reported that a 10-h photoperiod was optimum for the establishment of Rougeon (Seibel 5898) cultures.

These authors reported that half-strength MS was superior to full strength MS, White's (1943) minerals, or White's minerals plus organics for rooting of axillary shoots. Leaf removal had a negative effect on rooting and best results were obtained with shoots 20- 25 mm long with three to five developed leaves. Vitamin D, ferrulic acid or charcoal, alone or with growth regulators, inhibited rooting. Morini et al. 5 and 1 mg/l lBA, respectively, for the five cultivars tested. They noted that the number of roots increased and their mean length decreased with increasing lBA concentration.

J Am Soc Hortic Sci 111 :634-638 Lebrun L (1985) Isolement et culture de protoplastes de vigne. In: Proc Moet-Hennessy ColI Amelioration de la vigne et culture in vitro, Paris, p 215 Lebrun L, Rajasekaran K, Mullins MG (1985) Selection in vitro for NaCI-tolerance in Vitis rupestris Scheele. Ann Bot (London) 56:733 - 739 Lee TC, Wicks T (1982) Dual culture of Plasmopara viticola and grapevine and its application to systemic fungicide evaluation. Plant Dis 66:308-310 Legin R, Bass P, Vuittenez A (1979) Premiers resultats de guerison par thermotherapie et culture in vitro d'une maladie de type cannelure (legno riccio) produite par Ie greffage du cultivar Servant de Vitis vinifera sur Ie porte-greffe Vitis riparia x V.

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