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By P. Ekblom

The potential for crime prevention, safeguard and neighborhood safeguard is restricted by means of implementation failure. This booklet offers a carefully-designed system of strong perform, the 5Is, which handles the complexities of genuine international prevention, this goals to enhance the functionality of prevention, and enhance approach evaluate.

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The formal Criminal Justice System rests on concepts of free will and criminal responsibility which sit uneasily alongside scientific causality. Retribution focuses on events past, while crime prevention looks to the future. There are understandable reasons why these conceptual domains have become established, including pursuit of specialist expertise, development of occupational cultures, and constitutional separation of the judiciary and executive branches of government. indd 29 10/14/2010 12:12:51 PM 30 Crime Prevention, Security and Community Safety Using the 5Is Framework knowledge within the entire crime prevention field to capture, understand and replicate good practice from as wide a range of activities as possible, the resultant ‘Tower of Babel’ of terminology and concepts is exacerbated, and perpetuated, by the connection with an equally confusing edifice of institutional settings.

Applying an RPF-based approach guarantees that practitioners and those documenting their work record the level at which a given action operates. But the same can’t be said for other approaches. To the extent that the originating practitioners are unclear about the level/s at which their own preventive action operates, the quality of intervention is at risk. To the extent that readers of any project description are left to make their own assumptions, then replication is jeopardised. Knowledge, too, must be organised around these levels, but rarely is.

The last point illustrates another issue with knowledge: importation of expertise. To the crime prevention practitioner installing the gates, galvanisation may be a minor implementation issue, albeit significantly extending the life of the gates and reducing maintenance costs. However, to the industrial chemist galvanisation may be their major professional specialism, with its own body of theory and practice. Likewise, the lawyer drawing up agreements with the householders will have her own field of expertise; and there will be equivalent experts in the field of community activism.

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