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By Hakuyu Okada and Nlall J. Mateer (Eds.)

This e-book provides a synthesis of the imperative environmental features of the Cretaceous in East and South Asia. The study was once complete below IGCP undertaking 350, which bargains with the organic, climatological and actual environments of this sector throughout the Cretaceous. This synthesis discusses elements of stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, geochemistry, tectonics, petrology, mineralogy, and geophysics. The examine effects are summarised by way of nation, and contain a ways East Russia, Mongolia, jap China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and India. even though those nations don't surround the full sector, this assurance presents an exceptional viewpoint of the evolution of the quarter in the course of the Cretaceous. The files integrated during this booklet current a wealth of marine and nonmarine information on weather, biotic range, flow and chemistry of the sea in addition to primary plume tectonism. The latter looks to have triggered a lot of the environmental switch during this large sector, together with either an greater greenhouse influence and excessive sea degrees.

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Among them predominant are the fern Birisia and coniferous of the genera Podozamites, Cephalotaxopsis and Sequoia. Remains of the typically Early Cretaceous plants known from the Buor-Kemyus-type taphofloras are also present: Arctopteris kolymensis, Asplenium popovii, Acrostichopteris longipennis, Lobifolia holttumi, Phoenicopsis ex gr. angustifolia, Pagiophyllum triangulare, Ranunculicarpus quinquicarpellatus. Representatives of the genus Nilssonia are dominant among the cycadophytes. The taphoflora of the Armanian suite has been marked by the very first occurrence of authentic Platanaceae (Platanus, Credueria, and Protophyllum) in Northeastern Asia and the representatives of the genera Populites, Hedera, Menispermites, Hollickia, and Trochodendroides; their leaves are mainly middle-sized, but broad-leaved plants were rare [79, 80].

A 03 CD 'i— Amaam Laaoon CD -a Continental deposits "Kakanaut" Fm. E (D * * * ^ 1 ^QlTO ^ Upper . SFm. ^ A O) Coaly Member * * c Koryak Fm. K "•0" Middle SFm. CO ^\ Marine Deposits Lower SFm. 1- IVIarine terrigenous deposits Lower SFm. CD CD CD o 1 Gomorechenskian Floristic Type A Rarytkin Floristic Type Q f Barykov ^^ra/fe/odon sp Inoceramid Prismatic Layer inoceramus pilvoensis 1 Fm. 11 Barykov Fm. 1 (7 Inoceramus ^ kushiroensis I Dinosaur remains (lambeosaurines, troodontids) Figure 13. Stratigraphic nomenclature and floristic changes in Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary rocks of northeastern Russia, Ugolny Bay area (from Nessov and Golovneva [90]).

Ammonites Marshalites tumefactus occurred from the late Cenomanian to mid-Turonian, in Sakhalin there are known beds with Fagesia of the early Turonian. After mass extinction at the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary, ammonite diversity remained low, but recorded during the late Turonian [68]. The mid-Turonian-Coniacian transgression was accompanied by abundance and high diversity of ammonites and inoceramids. , three inoceramid zones: Inoceramus hobetsensis - I. multiformis, I. memetensis -1, subinvolutus, I.

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