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9l ' l q ~ K 9 - - K e r k o m I O. Biezen Latdorf / Grimmertingen Reference formations for Refer ~gressive/Regressive Facies Facies Cycles of the Central North Sea "Jp~l~ ] M. L. ' Rupel / ~ ~ 22 21 This Study Major Central North Sea i Lower Lark '- i 5. Cycle t ~. Oligo -cene , i -- Pomerze ~ U . Barton / L. l 6 9 ~ Balder/London A Woolwich ~ -- -- -- Balder Balr ,Sele / Erquelines Thanet t Landen / Lista ~ i *~ - Sele ~---Forties ,, ~ t~ Gelinde / Lellinge -- C ~ Balmoral Tuffite -- Andrew -Lista [ ~H~n !

1993) point out that this hiatus occurs in a data-poor section and the actual missing normal polarity event could correlate through more than one location in Fisher Bed V. The sequence PALEOGENE SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHYIN NORTHWEST EUROPE 33 Fig. 10. Detailed correlation of depositional sequences in the lower to middle Eocene of northwest Europe. 1 Based on data from Heilmann-Clausen & Costa (1989). 2 Based on data from Aubry et al. (1986), Eaton (1976) and Plint (1983, 1988). 3 Based on the framework of Vandenberghe et al.

G. Plint 1988; Vandenberghe et al. 1995), producing stratigraphic frameworks that correlate to eustatic cycles on the Haq et al. (1987) curve. Correlation problems exist for this interval since three to five sequences are identified in the central North Sea subsurface, but similar-aged sections onshore can arguably display seven depositional sequences. Eaton (1976) published dinocyst data from the Bracklesham Beds on the Isle of Wight at Whitecliff Bay. Those data are graphed with the North Sea composite standard (Fig.

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