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By Lewis Mander, Hung-Wen Liu

This paintings offers a definitive interpretation of the present prestige of and destiny traits in average products-a dynamic box on the intersection of chemistry and biology excited by isolation, id, constitution elucidation, and chemical features of certainly happening compounds similar to pheromones, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and enzymes. With greater than 1,800 colour figures, complete typical items II positive aspects a hundred% new fabric and enhances instead of replaces the unique paintings (©1999).* stories the amassed efforts of chemical and organic learn to appreciate residing organisms and their specified results on overall healthiness and medication * Stimulates new principles one of the confirmed ordinary items learn community-which contains chemists, biochemists, biologists, botanists, and pharmacologists * Informs and conjures up scholars and beginners to the sphere with obtainable content material in a number of supply codecs  

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Enzymatic Synthesis of Complex Carbohydrates 31 Table 5 Yields of each enzyme-catalyzed glycosylation step Step Enzyme(s) Product Yield (%) 1 2 3 4 GalE,LgtC LgtD-WbgU LgtD WbsJ Gb3-OBn Gb4-OBn Gb5-OBn Globo-H-OBn 90 78 85 95 was used as the activated donor sugar for the chemical route, whereas enzymatic transfer reaction was carried out using the vancomycin biosynthetic glycosyltransferase (GftD) in the presence of a fivefold excess of TDP -daunosamine in 70% yield. The enzymatic method was significantly shorter; however, the slow turnover rate of the unnatural substrate demands large quantities of biocatalyst, which currently limits this route to smallscale preparations (1–5 mg).

To test the limits of donor substrate complexity of LgtC, pNP -D-galactoside and dNP -D-galactoside were used as the surrogate donor substrate. However, no result was observed under these conditions. Subsequently, a similar strategy analogous to that for Cst II was applied to LgtC, in which an activated leaving group of anomeric configuration opposite to that of the natural substrate was tested (Scheme 39(b)). As both the leaving group and the incoming nucleophile are present on the same face of the donor substrate in the active site of LgtC, the aromatic leaving group would not occupy the acceptor site.

Starting from -D-glucose-1-phosphate (Glc-1-P), thymidylyltransferase (Ep) condenses Glc-1-P with uridine 59-triphosphate (UTP) to form UDP-Glc and inorganic pyrophosphate (PPi). Since the equilibrium of this reaction lies toward Glc-1-P and UTP, the desired UDP-Glc is sequestered by hydrolysis of PPi with pyrophosphatase into two equivalents of inorganic phosphate (Pi). UDP-Glc then acts as substrate for GtfE for glucosylation of vancomycin aglycone to desvancosaminyl vancomycin, along with the release of uridine 59-diphosphate (UDP).

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