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By George V. Chilingarian, Karl H. Wolf

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Eng. Geol. ), 5: 265- 284. , 1973. The Effect o f Pressure and Temperature on Pore Volume Compressibility o f Reseruoir Rock. , Austin, 44 pp. Preliminary investigation for ground-water artificial recharge in Taipei Basin. In: Int. Symp. Underground Waste Managem. Artif. , 7 pp. H. , 1964. Wacke, graywacke and matrix - what approach to immature sandstone classification? J. Sed. , 34: 625-632. , 1961. Proposed classification of volcaniclastic sediments and rocks. Bull. Geol. A m . , 72: 1409-1414.

8 Birch et al. 6 Birch et al. (1942) Birch et al. 0 Birch et al. (1942) pally upon the degree of compaction of the fine-grained clay and siltstone matrix. Many graywackes have very low porosities: probably less than 5%" The amount of porosity that is developed in a particular sandstone and the subsequent modification of that porosity through various processes associated with burial are influenced by a large number of factors (Taylor, 1950; Weller, 1959; Rittenhouse, 1973). In general terms, burial of sandstones means porosity reduction which, in turn, means that pore water is expelled from water-saturated sandstones.

Kaolinite. (After Kryukov, 1971, pp. , 1965; Manheim, 1966; Bischoff and Ku, 1970; and others). , 1965); others have been attributed t o diagenetic water-rock reactions. , 1972; Schmidt, 1973; and others). These variations, which are generally attributed to the membrane properties of fine-grained sediments, parallel those reported by laboratory investigators. The chemistry of solutions expelled from arenaceous sediments will be different from the chemistry of their pore solutions only if arenaceous sediments act as membranes.

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