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This third edition of Colloquial Swedish has been revised and up-to-date to make studying Swedish more straightforward and extra relaxing than ever earlier than. especially written by way of skilled lecturers for self-study or type use, this transparent, exact direction grants a step by step method of written and spoken Swedish. the best option in own language studying, this 3rd variation beneficial properties: new texts and dialogues all through hyperlinks to web content approximately Sweden, its background, society and tradition transparent grammar notes and precis. No previous wisdom of the language is needed, and by means of the tip of this worthwhile direction scholars can be in a position to speak with a bit of luck and successfully in Swedish in a wide diversity of daily events. Audio fabric recorded by way of local audio system is offered to purchase on CD or in MP3 layout to counterpoint the book. This will help you ideal your pronunciation, listening and talking abilities.

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He is tall. (Hon) är student. She is a student. än/som + the word compared (Han är längre) än Olle. He is taller than Olle. (Han är lika ung) som hon. He is as young as she is. Pronoun + pronoun det här this min egen my own Time, measurement klockan tre three o’clock (två) koppar kaffe two cups of coffee Numeral + numeral trettioåtta thirty-eight First name + surname Lasse Nilsson Page 16 Stressed/unstressed syllables Of non-compounds with more than one syllable, about two-thirds have stress on the first syllable and one-third on a different syllable.

G. ‘is’, ‘becomes’. 4 It never rained in summer. SUBJECT ADVERB VERB MPT-EXPRESSION (time) Putting the adverb in changes the meaning of the entire sentence. Try taking it out! 5 The football hit him. SUBJECT VERB OBJECT Not all grammatical subjects are people. Not all grammatical objects are things. Both subjects and objects can be pronouns. In (4) the verb has no object; in (5) the verb must have an object. Page 5 Main clauses and sub(ordinate) clauses Main clauses are groups of words (usually containing a minimum of a subject and verb) that may stand on their own as a sentence: 6 She walked.

Sentence type Front Verb (Subject) etc. Statements Straight Hon bor – i Stockholm. SUBJECT She lives in Stockholm. Inverted Nu bor hon i Stockholm. Now she lives in Stockholm. v-questions Inverted Var bor hon? V-WORD Where does she live? Yes/no questions Inverted Bor hon i Stockholm? Does she live in Stockholm? Commands – Skriv – till henne! Write to her! Notes: 1 In statements and v-questions the verb comes second after either a subject or a non-subject. 2 In yes/no questions the verb comes first and is not preceded by a subject or non-subject.

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