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55 : 331-2). "Although full vision will be deferred until the day of Christ, a nearer view of God w ill b egin to be enjoyed immediately after death" (comm. on 1 Cor. R. 49 : 5 1 5) . l Comm. R. 47 : 124 . Nam sicuti vultu et sermone homines se patefaciunt, ita Deus vocem ad nos suam prophetarum voce emittit, et in sacramentis quasi visibilem formam induit, unde cognosci pro modulo nostro queat. R. 8 : 4 1 4 . Vray est que la grace de Dieu n'est point attachie, et la vertu de son Esprit n'est point enclose ni aux Sacremens, ni a toutes choses externes, qu'i l ne puisse besongner, quand il luy plaira, sans nul moyen : mais ici nous traictons de l'ordre perpetuel qu'il a mis en son Eglise, et non pas de ce qu'ilfaict extraordinaire­ ment comme miracle.

2 : 10 : 1 6 . 3Comm. o n Ps. R. 3 1 : 490. Mentihus in coelum sublatis cucurrisse per hunc mundum, donee stadium suum peragerent. 4 Comm. R. 45 : 46. S Comm. on Exod. R. 24 : 49 1 . mera fatuitas. 6Comm. on Exod. 7Comm. on Ps. 24 8 Ibid. R. 24 : 490. R. 31 : 249. 1 32 : 1 4, C . R . 32 : 350. Nam requies et habitatio Dei virtutis eius praesentiam hominum respectu significant. l O Comm. R. 47 : 2 1 4 . Fidem in Christi intuitu suos habere gradus. Cf. seim. on Luke 1 : 1-4, C . R. 46 : I . Nous dijjerons en degre.

He made himself familiarly and completely visible when he came down from heaven. " 6 (v) Revelation under the New Covenant i s more immediately substantial than under the Old. Those who enjoyed revelation under the law were conscious that their present experience was but a small pledge of a future glorious reality. In their experience of revelation they were conscious of grappling with a hidden mystery, the secret of which would belong to a future generation. What they saw of Christ they really saw, but it was placed "at a distance" from them.

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