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By E.A. Koetting

Questing After Visions: Making unsleeping touch examines the character of revelation, the mechanics of Seership, and the tools of prophecy, now not from the armchair of speculation, yet from the ritual chamber of program. E.A. Koetting stocks his such a lot profound visionary stories and the insights that he has won as his personal quest after visions has introduced him into direct awake touch with the non secular and the everlasting.

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My mind had become blank, a clear vessel for what was to come. And what came were visions, regressing through time into the primitive mind, beyond the ability to evaluate or to criticize the acausal images that assailed me. Without struggling with my raucous mind, without having to raise my consciousness above the mental noise, I instantly entered the state in which visions were possible. The music instantly brought my brainwaves to Theta and catapulted them into Gamma. 5 beats or cycles per second, you might discard the above information as interesting, but unusable.

Coming into the physical discipline of Ashtanga Yoga, I was therefore also sure that I would find the spiritual principles, and I was certain that they would be found, if not during the exercise itself, at the tail end during the relaxation period. I have yet to successfully win my struggle with sleep during the final relaxation after Ashtanga Yoga, while music is playing. I will become more aware of my body than ever before, aware of my breathing, the internal heat and pressure inside of me, sinking into the reality around me, sinking into the collective heat in the room, and sinking into the music.

Your visual focus might otherwise be their hands if they are using descriptive gestures to compliment their words, their breasts or other body parts if you are less interested in the conversation than these, or, if you are trying to consciously appear to be paying great and close attention, your vision will focus on the eyes or the mouth of the speaker. This last area of focus is the most interesting, as it will usually cause the vision to shift from one eye to another, to the mouth, and then the nose, and back to the mouth, and so on, thus, in attempting to pay special attention to the speaker, your attention is instead focused on paying attention, which is then divided amongst the various facial features of the subject.

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