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By M. Chris Fabricant

Busted! is a humorous, clever, subversive worst-case situation consultant for informal drug clients and their tolerant friends.It's the Bible on how to not get busted and what to do while you're. utilizing megastar busts, outrageous everyman busts, and the author's specialist adventure, Busted! is every thing you want to learn about the legal justice process, Drug warfare kind, ahead of it truly is too overdue. Like a legislations & Order episode, the ebook takes the reader via a customary small-time drug ownership case from committing the crime (the buy/recommending a dealer), to dealing with police encounters like a professional, to getting busted, to spending an evening in penal complex, to struggling with your drug bust, to pleading to blame, via trials and appeals, and, eventually, punishment - with irreverent humor and professional recommendation all of the approach to the sour finish. Busted! additionally contains drug ownership legislation for the home social gathering, the rave, your roommate's stash; seek and seizure in the street, on your journey, on your residence, and up your ass. Drug conflict using classes covers DUI's and drugged using; additionally the best way to make your cell name from reformatory count number, tips to ace your bail listening to, and safeguard your web privateness. The Dope legislations Index contains ownership legislations for marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamine for all 50 states. BUSTED! is helping the informal drug person to understand his rights, stroll the skinny gray line among felony and unlawful and eventually remain out of detention center.

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Busted! ) BUSTED FOR YOUR ROOMMATE’S STASH Got a crack monkey living in the attic? Girlfriend a dope smoker? A dealer? People using your crib to get high? Maybe to stash their dope? Does your loft occasionally overflow with bimbos and cocaine? Are dope groupies spending a lot of nights passed out in puddles in your john? Trouble is brewing, my friend. Living with a doper or a dealer, particularly a dealer, is always risky no matter who owns the drugs. If you happen to be screwing the doper (this assumes he or she isn’t into pills) you must ask yourself these questions: Do I want this person The Community Dope 31 to be the mother of my children?

THE HARD-CORE HOUSE PARTY While living amid the dope will not necessarily do you in if you can tip the Scales of Bullshit your way, host a party where drugs are among the substances of abuse and the shit starts to pile up. The Dope Elephant is passed out in a puddle on the living room floor, and the host(s) is/are always screwed if the party gets busted. At any party where drugs are being done more or less openly, everyone who lives there will be charged with possessing whatever was available. Your only hope lies in Part 2 (see “The Successful Drug War Party,” page 130).

People actually smoke tobacco out of rolling papers, and papers are sometimes excluded from paraphernalia statutes. It’s also helpful to have some tobacco with you. Paraphernalia 43 At Home: Keep the paraphernalia with the dope, making it obvious it’s for personal use rather than for sale. Also note the tips in “If You’re Keeping Dope Around” (page 22). Dope Note: As seen in “But I was Just Passing the Pipe, Officer” (page 14), in states where a detectable amount of a drug is enough for a possession charge, paraphernalia charges are not as common, since possessing some stems and seeds or scraping the bowl for resin will get the job done.

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