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By Andrew Jones, Craig Valli

The necessity to professionally and effectively behavior computing device forensic investigations of incidents and crimes hasn't ever been higher. This has triggered an elevated requirement for info in regards to the construction and administration of computing device forensic laboratories and the investigations themselves. This contains a nice desire for info on how one can cost-effectively determine and deal with a working laptop or computer forensics laboratory. This publication meets that want: a truly written, non-technical booklet related to desktop forensics with emphasis at the institution and administration of a working laptop or computer forensics laboratory and its next help to effectively carrying out computer-related crime investigations. * presents suggestions on developing and dealing with a working laptop or computer forensics lab * Covers the regulatory and legislative setting within the US and Europe * Meets the wishes of IT pros and legislations enforcement in addition to experts

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It is only by gaining an understanding of what the investigator will need to look for that the appropriate monitoring can be instigated. To try and monitor everything is pointless and wasteful, as the recovery of any significant information from huge volumes of stored data will be difficult and expensive. 7. Specify the circumstances in which an incident should be escalated to a full formal investigation: By considering this in advance, it is possible to think about the scenarios rationally and to get the necessary input from all parties that will be affected or involved.

Establish a policy for the secure storage and handling of potential evidence and ensure it is properly and regularly tested: It is only by planning in advance for the correct storage and handling of the information that it can be ensured it is useable as evidence. ■■ Ensure that audit and other logs and any other relevant information be stored in such a manner that they cannot be tampered with or modified and that such records are stored in a physically secure and safe manner. 6. Ensure the monitoring of systems and networks is targeted to both detect and deter major incidents: This step should be a part of the normal security processes and procedures implemented to protect the systems, but input from an investigator may provide a different viewpoint and improve the defenses and the monitoring systems put in place.

Types of Digital Forensic Investigation • Chapter 2 Despite the range of hardware and operating systems, all handheld devices these days provide a similar level of functionality. They contain a small microcomputer with a miniature or virtual keyboard and a display screen and memory chips or microdisks on which information is stored. In some of the devices, the memory is volatile and is kept active by the battery. If this fails or is allowed to fully discharge, all information contained in the device may be lost.

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