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By James B. Robinson

Those existence tales of eighty-four Tantric masters who completed the top result of the Vajrayana have encouraged generations of practitioners. by way of hoping on a professional instructor, dedicated women and men of alternative backgrounds: cobblers, princes, blacksmiths, and wood-gatherers, have been capable of take daily adventure because the course and achieve enlightenment in one lifetime. choked with sophisticated, concise teachings expressed within the poetic songs of recognition of the siddhas. very good creation to the Vajrayana and an outstanding source for the learn of Tibetan. Tibetan textual content, iconographical notes, with eighty four special line drawings.

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The drill to be used in the sewing is the instruction of the guru, the instrument by which the ordinary life is penetrated. The result is not an obliteration of his mental pattern, but a transformation of it, just as the leather is changed into a shoe. The guru's instructions fall into several different but widely overlapping categories. Sometimes the instructions are based on interpretations of basic Buddhist tenets such as the Four lmmeasurables and the Six Perfections. The guru's instructions usually also involve certain practices and visualizations that are to be accomplished in meditation.

He became famous in all directions as the yogin Kankaripa, and having preached the Dharma to many people in his own country of Maghahura, he went to the realm of the Oakas in this very body. Minapa Minapa's country was in eastern India, and his caste was that of the fishermen. His guru was Mahadeva, and the siddhi which he obtained was worldly siddhi. In an ocean called Ita in Kamariipa,22 every day the fishermen would 48 Mi'NAPA fish and then sell their catch in the market. One day a certain fisherman fastened his hook with a cotton thread, and after baiting it with meat, threw it into the water.

For example, Nagarjuna tells Kucipa that he must free himself from notions of being and non-beingsince how can there be pleasure and pain if existing things themselves are empty of inherent nature? Once the siddha-to-be receives the instructions of the guru, he wholeheartedly applies them to his life. There is no 18 INTRODUCTION hesitation or resistance to the teachings; each of the siddhas portrays a quality of complete willingness to practice the Dharma. Given the instructions of the guru and this willingness to put them into practice, it is only a matter of time before the siddha attains success.

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