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Designed essentially for scientific and dental scholars getting ready for the USMLE Step 1 and different examinations, this publication offers the necessities of human neuroanatomy in a succinct define layout with considerable illustrations. Over six hundred USMLE-style questions with entire solutions and factors are integrated, a few on the finish of every bankruptcy and a few in an end-of-book complete exam. This version makes use of colour to delineate neuroanatomical pathways and spotlight scientific correlations. New medical MRI and MRA photographs were extra. Questions keep on with the medical vignette-based layout of the present USMLE. A spouse web site on thePoint bargains speedy entry to the full, absolutely searchable textual content and all questions from the booklet.

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A. Pia mater • is a delicate, highly vascular layer of connective tissue. • closely covers the surface of the brain and spinal cord. • is connected to the arachnoid by trabeculae. 1. Denticulate ligaments (see Figure 2-1) • consist of two lateral flattened bands of pial tissue. • adhere to the spinal dura mater with 21 attachments. 2. Filum terminale (Figure 2-2) • consists of a nonneural band of tissue that is a condensation of the pia mater. • extends from the conus medullaris to the end of the dural sac and fuses with it.

Joins its opposite partner to form the basilar artery. • gives rise to: 1. Anterior spinal artery 2. Posterior spinal artery • is occasionally a branch of the vertebral artery. 3. Posterior inferior cerebellar artery • gives rise to the posterior spinal artery. • supplies the dorsolateral zone of the medulla. • supplies the inferior surface of the cerebellum and the choroid plexus of the fourth ventricle. • supplies the medial and inferior vestibular nuclei, inferior cerebellar peduncle, nucleus ambiguus, intra-axial fibers of the glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX) and the vagal nerve (CN X), spinothalamic tract, and spinal trigeminal nucleus and tract.

The supratentorial dura is innervated by the trigeminal nerve; the posterior fossa is innervated by the vagal and upper spinal nerves. • forms three major reflections and the walls of the dural venous sinuses: 1. Falx cerebri • lies between the cerebral hemispheres in the longitudinal cerebral fissure. • contains the superior and inferior sagittal sinuses between its two layers. qxd 06/06/2007 6:20 AM Page 25 TechBooks [PPG -QUARK] MENINGES AND CEREBROSPINAL FLUID (CSF) 25 Dura mater Epidural space and veins Subdural space Pia mater Denticulate ligament Ligamentum flavum Spinal ganglion Arachnoid and post.

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