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By A.G. Pinus

During the previous couple of many years the information, equipment, and result of the idea of Boolean algebras have performed an expanding position in a variety of branches of arithmetic and cybernetics.
This monograph is dedicated to the basics of the speculation of Boolean structures in common algebra. additionally thought of are the issues of proposing diversified kinds of common algebra with those structures, and purposes for investigating the spectra and skeletons of types of common algebras.
For researchers whose paintings contains common algebra and good judgment.

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The finite Rudin-Keisler quasi-order :s is defined in an analogous way, but there is an additional requirement on f: for any a EA, If-\a~< Xo. 25. There is 2 Ko (221<0 under CH) of non-principal ultrafilters on which are mutually incomparable relative to the Rudin-Keisler quasi-order. 22 such that F( Xp) = p. B p we will mean a Boolean algebra B(OJ,Xp )' It should be remarked that the existence of the algebra B(OJ,Xp ) has been proved under the assumption of the set-theoretical hypothesis p(2(J), or a stronger one, CH.

39. (a) A commutative monoid < M; ',1> is called canonical if the equality xy = 1 yields the equalities x = Y = 1. (b) A general refinement of the sequences < xi,l i ~ n >< Yjlj ~ m> of the elements of a commutative monoid with the property Xi = Yj is a sequence n n isn < r;}i ~ n,j ~ m> such that for any jsm i ~ n,j ~ m (c) The monoid < M;;l > is called a refinement monoid if it is canonical and any sequences of the elements of M < Xiii ~ n >, < Yjlj :s m> with the property Xi = Yj have a general refinement.

A family J'(2/) is a sublattice of the lattice of J(2/). Any principal ideal is locally principal, and a mapping a --+ ct will be an embedding of the lattice of 2/ into the lattice of J'(2/). In this case the principal ideals of the lattice of 2/ form an ideal (henceforth it will be identified with the lattice of 2/ itself) in the lattice of locally principal ideals of the DILARC 2/ . 1/ . 11. The lattice of locally principal ideals of any DlLARC 1/ is an ideal complement of the DILARC 1/ . For any DILARC 1/ by 1/' we will define a factor J'(1/) / 1/.

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