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By Jana Dixon

Entire guidebook for these present process kundalini awakening, together with mental abilities, workouts, dietary application and a singular method of the technological know-how of religious alchemy. a massive innovation in knowing the transformational procedure and the spiritualization of the physique.

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To avoid resistance and maladaptation the path of fire requires a certain strength. The key to metamorphic mastery is to become superbly adapted to one’s own incarnation. ” Metamorphosis is a process of purification, and yet it is not a simple detoxification that is occurring, but the ongoing refinement of life itself toward the incarnation of a deeper Self. Evolution simply IS when we stop suppressing, abusing and holding ourselves back from the fluid realization of our Being. The inertia and resistance of past structure causes tension between what we are now and that which is trying to manifest from beyond the veil.

The faster the pace of change the more rebirths individuals will have to undergo within their lifetime. People are fascinated with the idea of the origins of kundalini? Kundalini doesn’t particularly start anywhere, although some people might like to blame the sacral kundalini gland for initiation. But the coccygeal gland is merely a regulator/ stimulator of the major systems of the body especially as relates heightened emergency-energy situations of FFF (Flight, Fight, Fuck). It too simply comes under the awesome power of the global awakening of the organism.

Less ego investment in campaigning and righteous trail blazing as ones true art comes to the fore. Although they may be overwhelming at times the symptoms of kundalini don’t mean much other than the body is transforming itself one way or another. It is what we do with our energy that matters. Spiritual experiences and symptoms are not important. What is important is spiritual insight—gnosis, understanding and the growth itself. To stay on track we have to become “muse focused” rather than “symptom and meaning” focused.

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