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By William T. Ellis

This number of literature makes an attempt to bring together some of the vintage works that experience stood the try of time and provide them at a discounted, reasonable rate, in an enticing quantity in order that everybody can get pleasure from them.

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For he has gone forward a step at a time. He followed the wise rule of the rescue mission, that the 'saved should say so. At the very beginning he began to bear testimony to his new faith. Wherever opportunity offered he spoke a good word for Jesus Christ. In many towns and cities his testimony was heard in those early days; and there was not a follower of the baseball game who did not know that Billy Sunday was a Christian. The convert who does not join a church is likely soon to be in a bad way; so Sunday early united with the Jefferson Park Presbyterian Church, Chicago.

He had a long hard drill in working under authority: that is why he is able to exercise authority like a major-general. Because personally he has experienced, with all of the sensitiveness of an American small boy, the bitter injustice of over-work and under-pay under an oppressive task-master, he is a voice for the toilers of the world. In this same diversified school of industry he learned the lesson of thoroughness which is now echoed by every spike in his tabernacle and every gesture in his sermons.

Then the mother was called upon to take up that heaviest of all burdens of patriotism the rearing of an orphan family in a home of dire poverty. The three children in the Sunday home out at Ames, Iowa Roy, Edward and William—were unwitting participants in another aspect of war, the lot of soldiers' orphans. For years, Mrs. Sunday, who at this writing is still living and rejoicing in the successes of her son, was able to keep her little family together under the roof of the two-roomed log cabin which they called home.

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