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For example, the reachable zone from the pointy is just the shaded region. A bilinear system is completely controllable if the conditions given by the main result are satisfied. As one might expect, the conditions are not as simple as the popular conditions for complete controllability of linear systems with unconstrained control or for null controllability with constrained control. For phase-variable systems, however, the sufficient conditions are easy to apply. In practice, a bilinear mode may be implemented by controlling significant plant parameters in a manner similar to the variable wing geometry of high-performance aircraft.

4 EQUILIBRIUM SET OF BILINEAR S Y S T E M S Here, the set of equilibrium points is described for bilinear systems. This description is necessary to understand the connectedness property that is utilized to show complete controllability. 14) if the indicated inverse matrix exists. If the system matrix is singular for a control value u = a, no equilibrium state exists corresponding to ii unless Cii happens to lie in the range of A ErzlUkBk, in which case an infinite number of states are equilibrium states.

29) can take on either positive or negative values, and it follows that L(x) is just the linear subspace spanned by (Bkx + ck), k = 1,2,. , m. 29) are constrained to be only positive or only negative. 28) exists, {k(x, u) I u E U} is a closed convex set which does not contain the origin; hence it is contained in the interior of some half-space whose bounding hyperplane passes through the origin. In this case x is not an equilibrium point of the system, and all rays of L(x) point into the interior of the half-space above.

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