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This ebook is an try and current to the final reader the existence and works of Avicenna, or Ibn Sina, who's past doubt the main provocative determine within the background of idea within the East. it isn't a defence of him and his process, nor a critique of his philosophy. in the course of his lifetime he was once intentionally scornful of defenders and critics alike; he couldn't imagine best of them now thousand years have passed by. together with his place amply justified, and after that prolonged interval whilst his identify held on the lips of physicians and philosophers from the borders of China to the cloisters of mediaeval Paris and Oxford, it kind of feels most sensible to permit him communicate for himself. it's been emphasised that the issues he was once faced with resulted from the conflicting disciplines of 2 separate cultures introduced head to head. he's for this reason of greater than old curiosity. His perspective could be of steering to these within the East who're assembly the problem of Western civilization; and to these within the West who've but to discover a foundation on which to harmonize clinical with non secular values.

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There were many drugs and diseases that retained their Greek names, so that medical terminology really consisted of Arabic with a large admixture of Greek, Syriac and Persian. These physician-philosophers, for whom medicine was a profession and philosophy an intellectual pastime, were numerous and scattered all over the Islamic world, a number of them in Persia and Transoxiana. Usually trained in Baghdad, they were held everywhere in high esteem, and treated with great respect by rulers and kings even when of foreign extraction or of a different faith.

Browne. Cf. im: The Life and Times of Sultan Mahmud of Gha^na. 42 years PERSIA IN THE TENTH CENTURY until, as with all the others, rapid decay set in. One tant effects of this dynasty upon literature was that use of the Persian language far towards the East, of the imporit carried the and was for sole patron. many years continued to be the centre of Islamic culture in the Baghdad its tenth century, but the enthusiasm for the new learning for such indeed was Greek science and philosophy was waning.

Both Avicenna and of the Brethren of Purity. p. 40) stresses that in the habit of reading the Epistles 58 his father were LIFE he felt to join AND WORKS OF AVICENNA he could not assent to their arguments. They asked him them in their discussions on philosophy, geometry and Indian arithmetic; but he does not say if he ever responded to the invitation. He was sent to a certain grocer who was in the habit of using that form of calculation to learn Indian arithmetic; same time he was studying Muslim jurisprudence by and himself, visiting an old ascetic from whom he learnt the methods of religious argumentation.

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