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By Dongmei Cui MS, William Daley MD, Jonathan D. Fratkin MD, Duane E. Haines PhD, James C. Lynch PhD, John P. Naftel PhD, Gongchao Yang MD

A accomplished histology atlas...with EXTRAS! the original Atlas of Histology with useful and scientific Correlations covers basic histology issues, integrates this crucial details with scientific concerns, and gives a number of possibilities for scholar evaluation. Explanatory textual content in each one bankruptcy combines with increased determine legends to supply an atlas that may really be learn.

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In cross section, the actin filaments that extend from the terminal web into the microvilli appear as a cluster of small dots. The fuzzy coating on the membranes of the microvilli is the glycocalyx. ). ■ Microvilli, composed of actin microfilaments anchored to terminal web. Microvilli increase apical surface area to aid in absorption. ■ Cilia, composed of microtubules, arise from basal bodies. Cilia aid in the transport of material across the surface of the epithelium. ■ Stereocilia, unusually long microvilli that aid in absorption.

Similar diameters can be seen in cell bodies of neurons with long axons such as the sensory neurons in this illustration. The enormity of the cell body in the center of the image can be appreciated if its size is compared with that of the satellite cells that surround it. The nucleolus in the nucleus of the neuron is equal in size to the entire nucleus of the satellite cell. The large volume of cytoplasm that surrounds the nucleus of the neuron contains large expanses of RER and Golgi complexes.

H&E, ϫ155; inset ϫ310 en Lum Mesothelium is a term for the epithelial layer of the serous membranes (peritoneum, pleura, and pericardium) that line the body cavities and cover the organs that project into the cavities. The other component of these membranes is the loose connective tissue layer beneath the mesothelium. The membrane that lines the cavity wall constitutes the parietal layer, and the visceral layer (serosa) covers the organs located within the cavity. , beating heart, expanding or contracting lungs, peristaltic activity of the intestine) without damage to the mesothelium.

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