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I have reason to believe that the pictures and decorations on Egyptian tombs were early treasure charts. As soon as a royal child was born in Egypt a tomb was immediately started for him. On the walls of the tombs were painted pictures of his life up to his death and this while he was still an infant. These pictures show the child as having all the good things in life right up to his death and even beyond that! The Pictures show him winning all the wars and capturing large numbers of prisoners.

So to proceed – One method of using E-motions, often advocated by former Creative Visualization teachers of the natural type, was to instruct the student to “FEEL” (without telling him “how” to “feel”) that he already had the thing desired, and was using it, AND he would get it in due time. This idea seems to have originally been based upon one of the few genuine portions of the “new testament”. ) Of course the above directions are greatly simplified and are directed to those who are able to work the Creative Visualization Laws naturally.

In a few weeks time you should be able to recall the pictures-images to memory very easily. Once you recall these pictures you should be able to manipulate them about to suit yourself. Referring again to my book The Art and Practice of Astral Projection, the last section of this book is called The Symbol Method of Projection. After you have studied this section I call your attention to the fact that you can use this same projection method to project yourself into these pictures on your Treasure chart.

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