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By G.A. Bruggeman

This booklet has been divided into components, A and B. half A contains analytical recommendations of approximately 1100 geohydrological difficulties within the saturated sector. type of the issues in accordance with sure characteristics.Part B involves 3 chapters, describing the fundamental ideas for saturated flooring water stream, analytical answer tools and mathematical services respectively.

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X / 114. 01 (L) Non-steady flow through an aquifer, caused by draining a lake by means of lowering the water level according to an arbitrary function of time h(t). Drawdown 99 = 99(x, t). 099 KD, S t) - Ox x h(O) -- O, 399 Ox t) - 99(0, t) 99(x, t) - rl fot h(t - r)e-Or { 1 - ~1 e r f c ( 2 ~ r ) } dr, r/- o, 1 -- ~99(oo, t). 02 (L) "Sudden" lowering of the water level. 01 but with h(t) - h - constant. 02. 99(x) -- / h h ~ h m 2 x OX o _x x for x >~ O, for x ~< O. 60 (120-122) 120 BI-2. One-dimensional groundwater flow ONE-DIMENSIONAL GROUNDWATER FLOW IN A SEMI-INFINITE FIELD a.

51) Well-screen of length 21 with discharge Q in uniform flow with strength q. 51 according to procedure 5. 01) Infinite row of wells of equal strengths and at equal mutual distances along a straight line. Quasi-steady state: h = h(x, y). Wells with discharge Q each, located at (0, ±na) with n = 0, 1, 2 . . . ~a ~a X2F- c + --Q-QIn sinh( zrz ) 27r -a- • ~Q ~ a T -+=~a 48. Problems with precipitation 3 (hOh 3 (hOh ox P -0. For this group of problems the solutions for phreatic aquifers are derived directly from those for confined aquifers by applying the following procedure.

Surface water maintained at zero level. 99(x, t) - head. KD,S 99(0, t) --0. 11. f (x) - h - const. h I f(x) • I ira. 02). 11. xb. 11. f (x) - h + ax. • ~o(x, t ) - h e f t ( f l ~ ) Steady state: qo(x) - ax. "+" a x . ] dxo (123c) Flow in a semi-infinite field 65 c. 21 (MI} A r b i t r a r y precipitation as a function of x and t. The p l a n e at x - 0 kept at zero head. (p(x, t) - head. ~o=0 p(x,t) KD, S p -- p ( x , t), x ~o(x, O) -- O, ¢(o,t)-o. 21 but p ( x , t) - p ( t ) , an arbitrary f u n c t i o n o f time.

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